False airdrops and scams with crypts steal more than 2million usd (tests) are you in any of them?

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Good day to all !! As I see that there are many people everywhere, it is necessary to have a disadvantage in a group so that the fake administrators leave to take advantage, and new people, since the world of cryptos is a world in constant growth, I will give examples of scams that happened recently. Since it is estimated that more than 2.5 million dollars have been stolen in fraud (not counting the fake icos but that's another subject)
All the tests are mine (screenshot of my own telegram or twitter)

Do not be scared I am not implying that the crypto is false, what is false is the airdrop. Is in circulation an airdrop that gives you 50 monacion (100usd) and 25 monacoin per referral, unfortunately this airdrop is false, how is it ?, easy, the official twitter has an anchored message that the airdrop is not theirs and probably be a scam, showing that sometimes we do not investigate enough before entering an airdrop
mona scam.png

this airdrop although it is not as easy to discover as the previous one because unlike the mona who say that it is scam these in the official networks did not say anything (obviously if you asked an administrator you answered but it is not something that many people do) , But there was something that made us realize that it was a scam is that the `end 'the airdrop asked us OUR PRIVATE KEY OF ETHEREUM of which, because of, call it ignorance, not enough information or the hope of free money the people gave it, if you do not know why this is a problem for you to know that the private key is like the card and password of your bank if you give it to someone you are giving access to all your capital

3-Binance giveway
This example can be for Binance or for any other big Exchange, do not confuse the scammers are not Binance are people who make a fake group, where they assure that they will give rewards shortly, and when they gather a good number of people they say that sending between 1 Eth or 3 Eth will be sent between 10 or 30 eth obviously this is false and a scam, now many people for trusting the name of the group (binance in this case) send those amounts with the hope that they will be given the prize For more effective scammers tell you that it will only last 10 hours (so you do not have time to find out) and put fake people to send false proof of payment, I know people who were stolen 3 eth in this way.
(Only the name of the group and the supposed proof of payment of a user can be seen in the photo)

4-False administrators to the private
This is a general example for all the groups of some crypto or exchange where when seeing that a user has some problem, they speak to you privately and they usually ask you for btc or eth to confirm your account saying that then you will be given back something obviously false, to passed in many cases here a simple example


5-Airdrop tron (I mean the bot still in operation, not the bounty)
This airdrop still works but for me it has the same purpose of pundix, if there is still no definitive proof, but if you weigh that this airdrop is true I ask you to think about this before contradicting me, the official pages do not say anything about airdrop ( there is a bounty but it is a contest style not an airdrop as such) second mysteriously the bot does not make you follow any official account only a specific group of airdrop and that is the closest thing to tron ​​that will make you do, if this airdrop is real I'll apologize but I do not think that's the case, and if you're inside I ask you to reflect with the previous examples and if they ask you for something weird, do not continue.

For now I think it's enough but know that there are many more and you always have to be careful what we do and what data we give and sometimes (not always) if it's too good to be true, it can be. Please be careful and most of luck in this fable world of cryptomoney.


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