Instant Crypto Exchange Adds Horizen (ZEN) Secure Cryptocurrency

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welcome-horizen.png has taken a good thing — its instant crypto exchange — and made it even better by adding Horizen ($ZEN) to its collection of cryptocurrencies. With the addition of Horizen, users now have the option of instantly buying one of the most secure interoperable blockchain on the market!

Horizen makes a great addition to an already power-packed roster of crypto assets available at

Fast and Secure Crypto Trading
From the outset, Horizen and have tons in common. More specifically, is the perfect match for buying Horizen cryptocurrency because of’s key feature — accountless trading., on the other hand, does not require an account or registration to use. That means you can instantly exchange the world’s leading cryptocurrencies.

Buying Horizen (ZEN) with is incredibly simple.

  1. Select the currency you will use to exchange, then enter your ZEN wallet destination address.
  2. Enter a refund address for the cryptocurrency wallet you are exchanging from (ie. if trading ETH, enter an ETH wallet address).
  3. Send cryptocurrency to transfer wallet address.
  4. Done! will automatically send ZEN to your destination wallet.

At no point do you enter your private keys, or give any information other than your public wallet address.

Horizen: Secure Cryptocurrency Transactions
At its core, Horizen is all about interoperability. As a blockchain technology platform whereupon any decentralized application can be built, Horizen really excels when it comes to enabling an autonomous financial transactions.

Fundamental to the Horizen platform is zk-SNARKs technology and end-to-end encryption at the node level. Everything that occurs on Horizen, from input to output, is privately encrypted so that users can be rest assured that their blockchain is safe.

Horizen isn’t only about transactions, though. As a full-scale platform, it is also a place to get business done, including secure messaging and mining. With a long history in the cryptocurrency industry dating back to the project’s days as ZenCash, the Horizen team headed by Rob Viglione boasts vast experience.

Ready to get a bit of ZEN in your wallet? Head over to to start exchanging.

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