Bitconnect ( What You're Not Being Told )

in #crypto6 years ago

I ran one last test to decide if this is legit. The money is being made but this site is not what it seems and is likely not trading anything. There is a high probability that there is no bots. Watch and see what happens with my deposits.

You're not being told that the funds move prior to actually buying BCC tokens. Check the blocks on for yourself!

Thank You for Watching! I really appreciate it, Please feel free to

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its like different project where investors getting referal money with passive income

Nothing to add to the YT comments, why this is considered normal practice.
BUT: there is something to be aware of, what it means for escrowed money in general. Because you have this situation with every bank. If a bank has a problem with money, it can just refuse to give your money back to you. Same liability with every exchange the moment it is in trouble. Same with every person you entrust with your possessions. As long as everything runs as planned, one is lulled into believing that everything is fine.
Until the day comes when the person gets into trouble. It does not have to be his fault or evil intention. His own ass will be his first priority.

Hey have you seen the control finance website?

It works like Bit-connect. From what I've seen it looks pretty trustworthy, but I'd love to get your thoughts on it. Thanks for your time man! You're the best.