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Thank You for Watching! I really appreciate it, Please feel free to

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The views and opinions on this channel are collected researched and express with the aim of informing anyone willing listen. All comments are welcome and appreciated. Bitcoin can be purchased in person by peer to peer purchases or through currency exchanges and online wallets. I am NOT a financial advisor, I am sharing with you my experience and expecting you to do your research about the topic.


Отличный пост. Приятно услышать разные взгляды на достоинства и недостатки криптовалют.

hey @gbonikz Thanks for the post. Great video. Just a recommendation. Coinbase has terrible exchange rates and has high fees. It's better to get and account at GDAX (same company as coinbase but lower fees) or bitstamp which has the lowest exchange rates, anything from 5-20% difference I've seen. Keep it up.

Great Works My Friend

great job thanks for shearing

great - thanks for sharing..i'm getting there and this helps :D