Helix AMA 09-09-2020

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Helix AMA 09-09-2020

Dear Helix community,

We proudly present our first official AMA, where everyone was able to ask all their questions. It was a successful meeting with a lot of topics that were discussed, like:

  1. The merge of the Helix project with HelixChain (00:40 min)
  2. New wallet version 1.2.6, and the mobile wallets - iOS and Android - (03:30 min)
  3. HelixChain technology explained - Testnet announced - (05:06 min)
  4. Helix Team (08:20 min)
  5. New platforms: D.Buzz, Kryptonia, and others planned for release (08:47 min, more on 31:20 min)
  6. Hackathon competition participation (09:32 min)
  7. Decentralized File Storage (11:00 min)
  8. Community member questions were answered - PoW to PoS switch, vulnerability to hacks, Helix use cases, etc - (16:40 min)
  9. DataLoft, D.Buzz, Kryptonia (31:20 min)

We plan on doing this on a monthly or quarterly basis, in order to provide our community with all the latest updates and news. And of course, to answer all your questions! Always feel free to reach out to us whenever you want, and we will do our utmost best to help you right away!