2018 Q1 NLC2 Deep Dive: Updates, Outlook and Reveals

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Ah yes, Q4 truly was the most wonderful time of the year: Bitcoin was popping like chestnuts roasted over an open fire, altcoins were taking off like a team of reindeer, and NLC2 HODLers were buried in a blizzard of well-deserved gainz. We had survived two large forks, vanquished Roger Ver and his abominable BCash snowman, and were now safe and warm in all-time high territory for nearly every coin across the board. Unfortunately, what goes up must come down. This was especially true for Bitcoin as institutional money made its first meaningful entry into the market. These institutions quickly pumped the price to $20,000 in order to set the stage for the current dump. Luckily, thanks to the new Bitcoin futures traded on the CME, those institutions were able to profit both on the way up and the sharp drop back down.

NLC2 was not immune from the manipulation and currently sits at a fraction of its all-time high of 50 cents. In this piece, we will be catching up with the project and see what case can be made for a positive outlook for the remainder of this quarter.

new graph.PNG
To understand precisely why NLC2 is primed for new heights, it helps to look closely at what has transpired since it first set its all-time high in 2017:

Completely Overhauled Platform:
platform 2.jpg
Anyone who was unlucky enough to have been using the cryptofantasysports.com platform in August knows what an amazing facelift it has received. The new world-class user interface gives every visitor a much better first impression and experience than the previous iteration. This modern look and functionality finally put us on par with the likes of Fan Duel and Draft Kings, our most significant competitors in the fantasy sports space.

New and Improved Logos:
new logos.jpg

The NLC2 community has recently completed its internal logo design contest. What has resulted is a slick new look for not only the No Limit Coin logo (for Coinmarketcap and Blockfolio) but the fantasy sports platform as well. These new logos are complemented by the full overhaul of Nolimitcoin.org, which now features a seamless one-page design with new graphics and development timeline. This means new prospective investors and players will get a much better first impression than those who pushed the coin to the moon the first time around. NLC2 finally looks like the top 20 tier coin it is.

Visa/MC/Alipay Purchase Methods:

NLC2 VisaMCALI Announcement (1).png

NLC2 is now one of the very few cryptocurrencies you can buy directly with fiat at the beginning of 2018. This made even more attractive as Coinbase has just alerted it's users that they will have to pay even more fees on their crypto credit card purchases.

Alipay (Asian market-based service similar to Paypal) is also supported. This service will allow the crypto-crazed eastern market to easily buy in with their respective fiat currencies as well. This is an increasingly important advantage as China and Korea continue to limit their populations' access to exchanges to purchase coins. This makes NLC2 an extremely rare "gateway" coin between the fiat and crypto worlds. In addition to the ability to purchase NLC2 with credit cards, in Q4 a NLC2 debit card will be released as well. This enables the user to seamlessly use their holdings to make USD purchases. With the ability to buy and sell NLC2 easily with traditional methods, all barriers to entry are eliminated for fantasy players and investors alike.

  1. Influencer Network:

One of the most underrated factors in the success of a cryptocurrency is its exposure from influencers in the industry. Luckily NLC2 has enjoyed very favorable coverage by a variety of prominent cryptocurrency Youtube personalities. These include channels such as CryptoDaily, Crypto Love, and Suppoman, all of which have rapidly growing audiences. This means that when new developments are released (such as the upcoming launch of our NBA game), it is very likely that we will be exposed to an even wider swath of the market than before. This, of course, raises awareness and in turn demand for coin.

  1. Exchanges:

Currently, the largest obstacle for NLC2 is getting listed on a top-tier cryptocurrency exchange. As of today, the largest exchanges that the coin is traded on are Yobit and Cryptopia, which are ranked 43 and 40 globally by trading volume. Being added to a top 15 exchange would expose us to up to 10 times the trading capital, and greatly improve not only our reputation as a legitimate coin but our general availability as well. This concept is one of the biggest advantages of getting into lesser-known projects as being added to new exchanges is often a turning point in terms of price and popularity. While I can’t disclose where NLC2 is in the process of being added, I can tell you that the team has submitted applications to many of the largest exchanges in the space, and we have recently been approved for a spot on the yet to be launched Next.Exchange.



Again, my lips are sealed concerning precise details, but I am very excited to say we will have new surprise game launching on the platform within Q1. In my personal opinion, it will be a paradigm shift for NLC2, bringing in a whole new demographic of players and in turn, drastically increasing traffic on the platform.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading, while nothing can be promised in a volatile market such as crypto, it is certain that NLC2 is in a great position for rapid expansion both in market cap and user base, and I firmly believe that this is an excellent entry point for those who are fans of the project!

Peace, Love, Freedom,

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Nice write-up. Rare to see for a relatieve small Coin.

Gave me a good understanding of the current state of NLC2. I will pick some up soon I think.