3 Reasons NLC2 Will Be the First To Exit the Pre-Fork Alt Bloodbath

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Looking for the perfect alt to pump your pre-fork BTC profits into?? Well let me introduce you to the newly re-branded crypto powerhouse that is set to take over a portion of the huge and rapidly growing fantasy sports industry.

Many experienced crypto traders know that before a Bitcoin fork (like the one that is coming on October 25th), there is always a large sell off in the alt-coin markets. This is because investors want to take all their insane alt profits and put it all in BTC, as when the fork occurs, holders of BTC will receive an equal amount of the new fork token. This is seen as essentially free money and always forces BTC into new all time high territory.

But what happens when everyone has fresh gains from BTC growth and free fork tokens? Well, the super artificially low alt market looks awfully tempting, and at least after the last fork, we saw huge 2-3x gains in many alt-coins.

Especially susceptible to a pre-fork dip are newer coins who have recently achieved insane gains. These juicy new profits are quickly dumped to BTC and sends the price crashing. This also means that these coins are the ones with the largest gain potentials after the fork, as they typically rebound to near their all time highs once more. This is sometimes referred to the trampoline effect, as one must go very low to bounce very high.

What's the coin posed to take the biggest post fork leap you ask???

Allow me to introduce you to NLC2 and why it's chart will soon look like the detailed technical analysis graph below hahaha



Anyone at all familiar with NLC2 or it's accompanying platform No Limit Fantasy Sports (www.cryptofantasysports.com) or who has read my previous article (https://steemit.com/crypto/@hydro100/trick-or-treattt-3-spooky-reasons-nlc2-will-be-giving-out-king-size-gains-this-halloween) will know that the biggest reason that NLC2 is so undervalued (12 cents current price, compared to 51 cents ATH) right now is because of the delay of it's new UI release.

This delay has actually proved to be very advantageous to NLC2, as the new launch date will be around October 18th, about a week before the Bitcoin fork. Now the new UI will be done just in time to catch the post-fork pump :)

The development team has been very quiet in regards to promotion and advertisement over the last month as they did not want to waste ad budget flowing traffic to the old sup par website shown below on the top.

New UI 2.jpg

What is shown in the bottom of the pic is a screenshot of the new world class UI, which has been designed specifically to be better than competitors such as Fan Duel and Draft Kings.

Along with the new UI, the development team has been running a contest to decide on a new coin and website logo. The new logos will be essential in re-branding NLC2 as a world class platform and crypto-currency.

Below is one of the best entries to the contest IMO compared to the old logos on the left:

New log comp.jpg

The continuity of design between the new UI and logos will give NLC2 a whole new lease on life, and definitely improve first impressions given to interested parties.


When the new UI finally launches the team will be able to unleash the full 100k advertising campaign. This budget will be split between traditional TV ads during NFL games and a professional international online/social media campaign. The most important part of the campaign will be the referral affiliate program. This will leverage the fantasy sports program by offering residual income based on the amount spent by the people who sign up using your code. This program will be focused on giving incentive to influencers in the online fantasy sports community to promote us to their followings. This is a unique ability that NLC2 has due to it's real world use case as a buy in, at a time when the top 10 coins are mostly purchased for speculation, not to use. Another focus of the campaign will be to target the highly crypto-literate China market. China super league will be added to Soccer contests on the platform accompanied by a regional ad campaign.

Below are a few screenshots of messages from the NLC2 CEO in the slack group detailing the info shared here. Above is the first ad NLC2 has running on TV currently:



One of the most underrated aspects of NLC2 is the CEO's ability to attract high quality new team members. After already securing super bowl legend Joe Theismann and poker star Johnny Chan as spokesmen for the project, CEO Rafeal Groswert has now attracted the attention of Will Walker.

Will is a well known financial consultant with more than 28 years experience in private equity with over $500 million raised for projects. Besides financial consulting, Will also boasts 15 years of professional acting (in shows such as Starsky and Hutch), and he now is deep into crypto-mining. He has raised over 30 million for Ethereum mining projects in Korea, for example. He also frequently speaks at conferences and financial shows such as Money 20/20 (The World's Largest Payments & Financial Innovation Event), where he will be mentioning NLC2. Will is also involved in many other crypto related projects such as a crypto debit card that will have a built in fingerprint reader. This latest addition to the team drastically changes the game for NLC2, you can watch the team's interview with Will above.

Another exciting industry contact for NLC2 is none other than youtuber Crypto Daily. Crypto Daily has around 30,000 subscribers and counting who all enjoy his hilarious daily crypto content. He will be having a live in person interview with both the CEO and business development lead Dan on this coming Tuesday which he will be uploading to his channel. This will be some of the first exposure his growing audience will have to NLC2, and they will be just in time to enjoy all the team's hard work on the new UI and re branding.

If you made it this far through the dense jungle of information I have laid out, I hope you can see how elegantly the table has been set for a huge NLC2 post fork bull run. Months of improvements and networking are all culminating just in time to take advantage of what will surely be one of the hottest alt coin market movements of this year. With the new UI, Joe, Johnny, Will and the re-branded logos and website, it is safe to say this may be one of the last times that you will be able to pick up NLC2 below 50 cents, so make sure to grab a seat on the rocket ship before lift off next week :)

Peace, Love, Anarchy,

-- Dru


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Great points about NLC2. I must pick some more up before it MOOOOOOOOOOOONSSSSS!!!!!

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Nice article.Inside info. Well done m8.
NLC2 is a smart choice for those who do their homework.

I agree! Anyone who doubts its potential simply has not educated themselves properly haha

The business model makes sense to me, working platform and NLC2 should have some big news coming out at the beginning of September.
I think NEXO security token is also in a good position to break away from BTC with first dividends being paid out later this year.