Your mom and dad can order a blockchain off Amazon

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Amazon just released Blockchain Templates
for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Currently the templates only support the Ethereum or HyperLedger Fabric network, but will allow you to quickly launch your own public or private blockchain using their cloud computing service.

Hosting a public blockchain will use Ethereum and a private network will use the Linux Foundation HyperLedger technology served with Docker images.



While I highly doubt most people will be able to understand or launch their own chain using this technology, but this is a huge milestone for more public adoption of blockchain technology.

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Seems like you need a lot of experience with coding, before you want to get your hands on anything like that.

I don't understand how a plug-and-play blockchain would be any use.

I don't understand why we need 100 different blockchains.

99% of it is people wanting to see another BTC rally again.

People missed out on BTC and now they want their token to be succesful. to use network it

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This is big news! The more practical uses that appear the more solid the value of cryptos will be!

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Seems like a great news.But for this, people need to know more knowledge about blockchain and need to know the uses and benefits of this template like people use "FACEBOOK."Then only it will be useful.

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