Binance competition post #mybinancestories

in #crypto5 years ago

I remember it like it was yesterday . 

I decided to short ONT during the competition that was going on a few months ago. 

My plan was to buy low a few days before and sell high closer to snapshot time. Long story short the price never went up, I waited until the very last second for the big buyers to come. 3 minutes until 00:00 when the snapshot was taking place the site froze on me and for about 6 minutes I could only see how the price was going down. 

I had to sell a few minutes after snapshot when I could finally place my sell order , much lower than the price I bought . Around 10% loss , the equivalent of around 140$ . I was so sad because of that and I was certain my 1500 ONT wouldn't even make the cut for the 1000 ONT airdrop.  

I can't describe the happiness Binance has brought to me, when, 2 days later I logged-in and saw the 1000 ONT that was given to me for being part of the top 1000 holders during the snapshot.  I just looked at the screen for a few moments , with a dumb - happy look on my face. 

I was very anxious to sell those ONTs at 1.1$ each convinced the price will drop even lower. I got 1100$ minus the losing trade , it was almost 1k$ profit, a big jump for my portfolio during those bloody times of market crash. 

Thinking about it, that was one of my biggest mistakes, as ONT sky rocketed ever since. Within 2 weeks it was around 4$ and now sits pretty at around 8$ . Those 1k ONTs would have been 8k $ !!

It wasn't that bad since most of that went into EOS . 

Binance is by far my favorite exchange, never had a problem! 

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