The Brief Crypto News - Aug 9 2020 Ep. 13

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Greetings everyone,

and welcome to the new episode of Brief Crypto News!

I am LeaderIcarus and it's Aug 9, 2020, 07:00 UTC, and despite we are approaching the holiday break, markets do not seem to slow down, trying to recover from the pandemic crush.

Monero Hashrate Largest Gain

  1. Monero is a privacy crypto, which can be mined only by the use of CPU or GPU.
  2. The hashrate has increased 0.52GH/s in one single day, on Aug 6, and this is the largest gain since 2014, the year which Monero created.
  3. The easy way to mine - only a pc and software is needed - alongside its incredible price increase, made this happened.
  4. Currently, Monero (XMR) is trading at $93.32 increased by 26.9% in the last 14 days.


  1. Following this sad story.
  2. Lebanon's central bank has instructed banks to give loans with zero interest, repaid in five years.
  3. These loans will be for individuals and for small businesses, so to be able to rebuild and repair.
  4. The blast has killed more than 150 people.

Ethereum Classic's Second Attack

  1. Ethereum classic network has suffered a 51% attack.
  2. that means that one single miner can prove any transaction, even the double-spending ones.
  3. This is the second attack for the week and the third for 2020.

DeFi and Dex Markets

  1. Total value locked $4.57 Billion
  2. First four DeFi by market capitalization.
    1. Maker
    2. Compound
    3. Synthetix
    4. Aave
  3. The first four tokens by market capitalization.
    1. Chainlink ($12.29)
    2. Maker ($585.63)
    3. Compound ($157.39)
    4. Synthetix Network Token ($4.22)
  4. First three Decentralized Exchange (Dex)
    1. Uniswap V2
    2. Compound Finance
    3. Aave

Market OverView

  1. Market Capitalization $363 Billion
  2. Market Dominance Bitcoin 59.20%, Etheruem 12,1%
  3. Price Index


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