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let's do the accounts

  • If I buy 800 PLANET tokens => 0.824 HIVE
  • and you ask me to burn them, in return you offer me 100% of your voting power which corresponds to 1.023 HIVE.
  • so according to your calculations I earn around (1.023 - 0.824) = 0.199 Hive.

##Real case:
Your voting power is $ 1.26 if you vote 100% on one of my posts, this will allow me to recover 50% of this amount after 7 days, i.e. $ 0.6 (1.26 / 2) which corresponds to 0.800 Hive (at current rate 1 hive = $ 0.75)
However, I initially paid 0.824 Hive, which corresponds to a loss of 0.024 Hive (0.800 - 0.824).
So is there a big difference between what you promise and the real case?
Gain of 0.199 Hive or loss of 0.024 Hive?

I hope I was wrong in my calculations


Woow great
Rest the part of your curation isn't it ?

I did the accounts taking into account the curration part as well. Unless, of course, there are other parts that I did not understand and therefore did not take into account.
In my opinion, all the benefits should be clarified in your offer in order to encourage participants.