Kickstarter Video for Cryptopia (Crypto documentary)

in #crypto4 years ago

(Link not shown due to low ratings or blacklist)

(Link not shown due to low ratings or blacklist)

(Link not shown due to low ratings or blacklist)


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I enjoyed the last film, I hope to see this one do as well!

Observation My browser is not opening the link what happens

try with Brave Browser or Opera.

when it will be released ?
so interested :)

Last I checked they were missing 1000$ to start filming it.

they got all money the have :)

really bad name since a known exchange has it heh

When will that end of money come? :)

I am not sure, if idea of pure virtual money is good. When i think about it, crypto is going replace only internet part of fiat money. "stone fiat money" has important role in places without electricity.

Interesting! This post is worthy of reading to the facts of explaining cryptocurrency in a mere level of everyone.Thanks for posting.

In my trading experience, cryptopia is one of the most user friendly exchange.

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This documentary has nothing to do with the exchange.

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Nice! so stoked to this

If you guys need a soundtrack for this, i’ll provide one togheter with my associates

I am not involved, find their contact info from the website or kickstarter page.

Seems very promising. Can't wait to watch it!

YES YES hodl btc

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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