Why I am so Confident in Crypto

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It's amazing how I've only been involved in the crypto space for about 18 months now - knowing what I know and how much I 'could' have had is obviously something we can all relate to. At the same time, without looking at charts it's pretty mind boggling how early this is in relative terms. I work within technology and while you can't avoid Bitcoin in headlines now, I know of only one other person who is investing in the space (and I convinced him to).

Three months ago, I was the butt of many jokes at the lunch table when I would argue the case for crypto and how the blockchain is going to revolutionize the world. Some of my harshest critics have now confided that they have converted their first USD and are excited to learn more about how it works.

Now...this also confirms my suspicions that there are many people who are throwing everything they've got into this market and are scared of missing out (FOMO). This is what makes things a little more volatile right now but this doesn't phase me. My new favorite acronym is BTFD...Buy The F&#$ing Dip!

So - why am I so confident in this whole thing? The circles I keep are much more libertarian in their views and so the idea of governments and controlling organizations aren't a positive thing. With that said, the fact that the vast majority of people I speak with, from all backgrounds are also talking with that tone in mind speaks to a shift. It's faint right now but it's there. Crypto is one way that people are going to feel like they are taking some control back - that a free market might actually exist.

I fully expect many of these ventures to crash and burn - just think about search engines in the 90's. How many survived? That doesn't mean that none did - there are so many irons in this particular fire that it's impossible this doesn't succeed!

I'm just excited to have something new and vast to learn about.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents!!

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So true about the 'early' part; I'd say we've got a good 5 to 7 years before things 'really' take off; as people are just now getting comfortable with the idea of digital money; and blockchain tech.

I also think that time frame accounts for teenagers today who will be on the other side of college and for them, this will be 100% natural. Fun times :)

great point; I'm looking forward to helping my younger generation get their accounts set up this year in fact. Thanks for this reminder :)