Sponsored Writing Contest: Patron - Winners Announcement!

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Thank you all for participating in this contest.

Finally, the winners of the Patron writing contest!!!

@proofreade with this submission.
Takes home the first place prize of 117 STEEM!

@blessedben with this submission.
In second place, goes home with a 110 STEEM !

@joelsegovia with this submission.
In third place, takes away 100 STEEM!

Award 4.png

@rosiger1 with this submission.
In fourth place, takes away 95 STEEM!

@oivas with this submission.

In fifth place, takes away 85 STEEM!

@ced000 with this submission.

In sixth place, takes away 80 STEEM!

@deyvich with this submission.

In seventh place, takes away 75 STEEM!

@mrbreeziewrites with this submission.

In eighth place, takes away 70 STEEM!

@lucyc with this submission.

In ninth place, takes away 65 STEEM!

@jadams2k18 with this submission.

In tenth place, takes away 60 STEEM!

@pjmuek with this submission.

In eleventh place, takes away 55 STEEM!

@godwinzzyzx with this submission.

In twelfth place, takes away 50 STEEM!

@manuelgil64 with this submission.

In thirteenth place, takes away 45 STEEM!

@jessfrendcor with this submission.

In fourteenth place, takes away 40 STEEM!

@enrique89 with this submission.

In fifteenth place, takes away 38 STEEM!

@focusnow with this submission.

In sixteenth place, takes away 30 STEEM!

@thaishps with this submission.

In seventeenth place, takes away 30 STEEM!

@maeugenia with this submission.

In eighteenth place, takes away 30 STEEM!

@donnest with this submission.

In nineteenth place, takes away 30 STEEM!

@dtwo with this submission.

In twentieth place, takes away 30 STEEM!

25 Steem Prizes:


20 Steem Prizes:


17 Steem Prizes:


15 Steem Prizes:


12 Steem Prizes:


4 Steem Bonus:



Video Bonus!



If your article was missed or there are problems please send a memo to @originalworks. We will try to address concerns if they are reasonable. We work through the memos in the order in which they come in. This process can take upwards of 24~48 hours.

To The New Year!

We would like to wish everyone a happy new year.

We feel truly blessed to have found a home here on Steemit. Since starting these events in late 2017 we have had the pleasure of seeing users improve their writing skills. Our long-term goal is to continue holding larger events and also promote individual writer growth through platforms like CateredContent. Some of you have been around with us since the beginning, others are new faces that are trying their hand at writing. Whoever you may be, let's grow together. There has been some turbulence in the crypto-markets, but the underlying technology is very much alive, well and prospering. You are all pioneers in the space and will act as an essential bridge as blockchain technology continues to be adopted.

We wish you health and happiness in 2019!

OriginalWorks Team


Congratulations to all the winners! I want to thank @OriginalWorks for providing us with a platform for developing our writing skills.
Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Thank you.
Congrats to all Winners and Happy Holidays!!!

Congrats to all the winners. Thanks for the opportunity @originalworks.

Thanks for such wonderful opportunity.
Season greetings !

I have personally grown in my writing techniques,all thanks to @originalworks for the weekly practice.

I am so happy for this @originalworks,grateful for the prize,congratulations to the participants.

I want to say a very big thank you to @originalworks for the prizes, i'm wishing the team merry christmas and a prosperous new year in advance.

Thank you @originalworks. Happy New Year

Thanks for the opportunity @originalworks !

Truly, you’ve pushed many to improve week by week. You’re very appreciated!

Awesome! Thanks @originalworks!

Thanks @originalworks for the video bonus!

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Big ups to the team for all your efforts in making the world a better place. Thanks for 2018, let's make 2019 a better one.

PS: Would the contests be weekly and here or would there be a totally different ball game

Thanks as always to @OriginalWorks for giving us a platform to improve our writing skills, we are indeed grateful. Wishing You a very happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year and also to my Friends and Collogues here on Steemit, I Love You :)

Thanks a lot @originalworks. Merry Christmas to you and all your team

Thanks. Merry Xmas and a happy 2019 to the @originalworks team. Thanks for the rain of steem you showered on us throughout 2018. Kudos to you guys

Thank you very much @originalworks.
Aside from the prizes, your contests have grown me in other ways too.
Thank you and a very happy new year to you too.

Thank you for my prize. :) Great end to the year. I wanted to know if there will also be a twitter bonus this time around?

Thank a lot @originalworks and congratulations guys, excellent work.

Hello friends, good this contest congratulations to all the winners,

Friends I made a video and they did not give me extra bonuses

Congrats to all winners and thanks to the @originalworks for this reward.

As always a great job @originalworks, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

It has been for me a honos to be with you since the middle of the years, I have really improved my writing thanks to you, I was able to participate in the last moment in the latter, but I always like to be part of it and see how others are integrated and participating , welcome to all those who start and congratulations to all the winners of this last contest.

Originalworks is a challenge. It forces me to improve with each contest. And I feel I never lose because each contest is an opportunity to continue learning about the world of cryptocurrencies. I remember when I started at Steemit I thought that the only cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, nor did I have any idea of the number of startups that arise every day. @originalworks Thanks for helping me grow. Happy New Year to all.

Thank you for all your hard work in finding projects to support and running these contests.

Well crap, how did I forget all this? Welp, seems like I missed out on a whole bout of fun. Gonna wait and see when the next contest pops up.

Congratulations to all participants, and thank you for recognizing my work. Participating in this contest is a challenge that I have assumed as something very personal, which has helped me to improve writing, and what I have learned I have shared with other users to climb positions. For my part, thank you for allowing me to be part of this great project, and I predict growth together, for the better. Greetings and successes to all. Merry Christmas 2018...!

Thanks @originalworks for the prize and congratulations to all the other contestants as well.

Merry Xmas n happy New Year in advance

Thanks so much OriginalWorks Team!

I wish you a happy new year too!

Fake contest..

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@orginalworks where my twitter or article bonus..so sad its fake

@originalworks you have not seen my post and not give me any reward or twitter,,what is this?


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