What's happened to Ethereum since the Shanghai update?

in #crypto5 months ago

The following graphic shows how much has been unstaked since the Shanghai update allowed stakers to withdraw for the first time in three years:


The info we need is in the bottom left hand corner. Over 754,000 ETH has been unstaked. But 249,000 ETH has been newly staked (these were people who were waiting for the update as they wanted to stake, but didn't want to risk their coins being locked for an unspecified time period).

In addition, there are 1.1 million Ethereum coins pending withdrawal.

It's a small fraction of the 17.26 million Ethereum staked (figure in the top left hand corner).

Ethereum fans will be breathing a sigh of relief. Unstaking isn't happening all at once at levels that would tank the price if they got dumped on the market.