Why Crypto Can Go A Lot Higher

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In today's video I talk about Bitcoin & Steem in particular and why I believe both will go up a lot higher in value.

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Thanks Dan, Ive been following your videos for a while now, and they have always given perspective and keep me grounded.

Its a volatile and unsure time, but everything in life has rhythm, the ebb and flow. We will get there soon enough! Build the future.

Well said!

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I second that motion! 😋

Thank you!

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@theycallmedan, Yes brother, in my opinion too Bitcoin will stand strong and will rise because of it's Utility as you've said. And for sure Steem is different kind of concept and the kind of Dapps we are developing rapidly with uniqueness and specially what i liked about the Dapps is, most of them are coming up with Niche based means, focusing towards specific field and which is good because, it is an good way to welcome outside users who are spending the same amount of time on same niche on Centralised Platforms for nothing, but here they can join and for their time and effort they are getting rewards. And when Steem will attract more businesses and big merchants as you said, then the whole picture can Turnaround and we can become future giants.

So, i am really positive towards Steem and this is the right time to hold the strong hand for sure. And i believe that Bear Markets and tough situations are testing times but for sure in these phase the real building up of communities happen.


Keep up brother and wishing you an great day and stay blessed 🙂

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I’m not worried about spraining an ankle. Instead, I’m focused on winning the race. I like that analogy you gave there, Dan. Prices are low right now but that’s not going to stop those who truly believe in this community and this blockchain. Appreciate your video. Btw, I mentioned you in my “1 Year on Steem” post a couple days ago if you wanted to check it out. Have a nice weekend 👊🏻

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I have been forgetting to check ginabot to get my mentions. Will check it out.

Wow 13 minutes and still watching, your analysis are so brilliant, I think the $6000 mark hit by bitcoin was thought to be breaking point or point zero, because bitcoin was in $6000 for a very long and well now it seems no one knows ground zero, predictions here and there, but one thing I learnt about bitcoin, is that we do not control the outcomes of these things no matter the analysis and predictions.

I just started using dtube and I love it! I noticed how slow it was to upload videos to it so when I saw your post description I immediately downloaded this handbrake to try to reduce my video file size but it keeps saying it can't work with my videos? I am going to look into @onelovedtube's IPFS package but to be honest I'm not techy at all, so hopefully I can figure it all out LoL. :0)

Try using the @onelovedtube uploader here: https://bit.ly/2Cf9TnU - For handbrake I have never had an issue with reducing my vids, what file type is your videos?

After you asked what file type I used, I went back and double checked and you were right I was using the wrong format so now handbrake worked great! I am still going to look into this @onelovedtube uploader tho. Thanks so much for the help :0)

Steem blockchain still strong with the network effect. I wonder what will be built upon Steem? Monsters is just the start. I find the TenX token swap effect on that project's market dynamics interesting. It's on G!!

In current situation ...it's better to laugh than cry ...

Crypto "Investor" 2018

Thanks! Still a lot of the Youtubers cling to YT at the moment. It seems that when they run out of options because of censorship and in consequence demonetization for instance they'll possibly consider Dtube. But I guess decentralized social media will come to a tipping point sooner or later and take off from there big time.

Always bustin’ out that good content! 😀

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Thank you so much for sharing important videos with us. Each of your videos is very important and you create the most useful video for us. I think that the price of all the coins has decreased due to the low Bitcoin prices. I think Bitcoin prices will increase soon and all the good coins are going to increase soon. I think this is the last chance to purchase coins. Unfortunately, I do not have any money now . If I had a lot of money now, I would have bought lot of coins. I can not buy anything because I have no money. The Cryptocurrency market has gone down a lot, but I am not afraid of it. Because I believe in Cryptocurrency. I know that its price increases soon and there are many reasons behind steem prices rising.

I have discussed the following reasons:

We all know that SMT is going to launch soon

Steem has its own platform, for which the price of these coins is likely to increase significantly

Many people are now using steem coins. This is due to the possibility of increasing steem prices


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Since you put the offer on the table and it would be rude to say no, how many times do we need to tag you to cover that 10$? 😂

I'm using oneloveipfs currently and will continue to do so, since I'm using DTube for other platforms and I can't risk of video not playing.


once or twice should be good.

Thank you Dan. That means a whole lot.

Don't forget about the 2% lower beneficiary to @dtube (8% instead of 10%). So in theory you will get higher payouts to offset some of the subscription fee 😉

In a brutal bear market period like this, all we need is a positive news.

Thanks for sharing @theycallmedan.

Tough times persist but so do your positive videos. Thanks man, very appreciated :) Keep on Steeming guys!

Tough times may change overnight. Just like this. Last night.

Wow, this is some decent growth :) Hopefully Steem will follow soon.

Interesting theme friend, here in the Venezuelan case we are just entering the world of cryptos and there are more questions than answers ... we have faith and hope that this as I understand it will be the future of the world economy.

Excuse me if I can not contribute more on the subject because of my poor command of the English language. A hug from Venezuela.


Even i am with the firm belief that they will go higher but the only thing is we need to be patient as we don't have any other options left.

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Hello dear @theycallmedan
First of all I am to meet with you.I hope you are good and healthy. I am also good.
I can't believe when will steem price up ?

another gem man. thank you for this!

i loved your point about how there is nothing like steem. and the ability we have to empower each other with upvotes. it’s just an amazing place to be.

so grateful that we are here now and able to build those networks and relationships going forward. so much potential and exciting times ahead.

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#STEEM and its community are building the foundation to a more sustainable model of distribution in the future. Given the social aspects involved, the potential disruption across many industries will be overwhelming for it to be ignored. I just heard four hours of many community members working together to make this more sustainable and it has made me more positive! Great stuff still being built no matter the price!

Thanks for this message, dear dan, these tools are very useful for us who upload videos daily through dtube. This tool to compress the weight of the videos will be very useful for me, since I take a long time to upload my videos, although it is because the internet in Venezuela is very slow. Regarding the package of @onelovedtube, I love it, the amount is not much and I would love to be part, I will talk with @gray. Greetings from Venezuela @theycallmedan..

Thank you for your video. Your video really motivates you to keep going along with the blockchain. I am sure that one day I will succeed with this one. Success for you.

Thanks @theycallmedan for excellent analysis, to express our feelings more and more. Yes, I firmly believe that the situation will change and will up higher in value.

So great to hear your perspective on this! I've wanted to do more comparison between Steemit and other similar platforms but haven't had the time to delve too deep... from the little I've seen nothing compares to Steemit, glad to hear confirmation of that. For me it always comes back to wanting to invest more time into this because I believe in the platform itself and in the people. All the best Dan.


@thecallmedan, Perfect analyzed. I'm thinking about long run here. So I never disappoint with down trend situation. I most believe Steem & BTC like you. If we go to long term investment patience and hodl is keys for winning this game. Thanks for your excellent information and recover our mind as well.

I completely agree with everything you said. If I could I would buy as much steem as I could. Unfortunately I am unable to do so due to my current situation but if it goes low enough you damn right ill buy a crap load of steem!

In the tough times, I need your positive video. Thank you, thank you very much :) Continue Steemit friend


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Thanks Dear to give you such kind of great information and for brilliant analysis about bitcoin...I wish your predictions come true and soon bitcoin market crossed again their peak point.

Hey @theycallmedan ,(they call me Dan).
We just need to be patience as it's a long term project, you know it that I said it before many times that there will be a time when the price of steem will be high and that will be the time to celebrate and we will celebrate together.

Cheers .

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I just can not express myself, how much I like this, Dan

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Hummmm interesting but whe are going way way lower. It’s nice to be positive and all but phase 2 of hyperwave broke so BTC 1k
HODL is a term that whales want people to use so they can be the last ones holding these shit coins .

Is there a problem? Just sell everything you got, and run away.


Bitcoin has died ... 329 times

LMAO !!!! You HODLED !


Thanks for sharing the information, sr @theycallmedan, I also have a lot of faith that steem & Bitcoin will increase its value, that's why we keep working on this. Current prices are low, but will increase in the short term. God bless you

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Hopefully the bear mode just disappears soon :)

theres also minds.com

Amazing video! I think so too and cryptocurrencies are just at the beginning, the real boom was not there so far. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and Steem on @theycallmedan!

pls provide your analysis about NEO & TRON coin. thanks in advance!

Omg Thank You so much for the amazing promotion of our #OneLoveDTube IPFS project and your offer to help fund subscriptions! Talk about mind boggling level of support!

Like any other investment, low points are accumulation periods but unlike typical investments we can expand potential success through tech advancements! Besides I’m not here for the money, I genuine believe together we can change the world!

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@theycallmedan, thanks for sharing this on dtube platform I tell you this, I personally focus on the winning the race rather than listening to what other negativity opinion of others on steem price right now. Because I know and I believe steem will always feed the world.

I believe.



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I think this is the moment where both people and crypto enthusiast have to prepare for both the worst and best outcomes to not let expectations destroy the results.

Good news about crypto triggers good actions such buying, that’s is crux of the market. As long as people believe this coin or that coin will go up it will. The statistics aside psychology is also a game changer in markets.

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Hi Dan.
Thanks for these recommendations and suggestions, I am pleased that we are all contributing to @Dtube, I will take some of those options or I will make my videos shorter and lighter.

Hi Dan!
I see blood, fire and smoke everywhere... but I HODL!
BTW, here is my STEEM Price Analysis

Big Plastic Hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

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