The Crypto Markets - Let's Talk About It

in #cryptolast month (edited)

Talking crypto and where I see we are at and where we're going.

Watch on 3speak desktop app

This is NFA.

This is a test of the new encoding feature built into the desktop app. A fix is coming soon to embed desktop app videos directly into hive front ends. But for this video, you'll need to download the desktop app to watch.


Buy the dip baby!!

And just before this little bubble popped we had a huge amount of people talking about Mass adoption is right here honestly enough I think that that is true.

There is only positive places to go when you are talking about world changing technologies.

Honestly enough I need to spend more time in this ecosystem and continually stake all the rewards and work on growing all of our portfolios...

Thank you everybody for being awesome. Me and puppy dogs dreams are actually becoming a reality quicker than we realize...


Wow thank you very much for the vote me and puppy dog really appreciate it!!!!

Great to have a desktop app. congrats!
The video is playing well for me :)

what is NFA?

not financial advice.

oh thanks for explanation

I thought NFA was: Not Fucking Acceptable

This changes everything.

The market is nothing to take home about anymore, so disheartening 🤦

Good to see that now we have desktop app. This will make it easy to use..

Now we have a desktop vedio app, I am eagerly waiting for new updates 😊. Best of luck for new upcoming projects 😀

Great to have a desktop app

I clicked the link but I can only download the app, where do I find the video?

Once you download the app click the link again and it will ask to open the link in the app.

Windows 10. had the app, installed one from the link, clicked on the link from the post nothing happens (well it opens the window where it says to download the app), tried with app working, nothing happened, tried going to your profile on the app, nothing. so looks like i can't watch the video

You need to download the latest rc here. There are few minor things to be fixed before full release within the next day.

still doesn't open for me

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kick me in the ballz /// again again !!

do you reupload it to 3speak? I don't want to use the desktop app for now :D

This one works fine!

so happy! great to have a desktop app. seems to be working great. congrats!