Travala: A travel crypto coin

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I will admit I don't have a great deal to do with crypto and honestly, the only reason why I am here is because I joined a site that made it much easier to acquire an account here. In the past I had tried but the entire system was just too damn difficult for a numpty like me who knows next to nothing about crypto, all the keys, and when you say blockchain i know it is a thing, but I have no idea how it actually works or why it works.

That being said, I do know that more and more people are embracing the idea behind cryptocurrency and one of the main things that people will ask is "well how do I actually spend it?" This has a complicated answer to many people and to me it was mind-boggling at first, but now i kinda get it.

Regardless of that, I want to once again inform you about a company that has only been around for a little while that accepts so many different methods of payment that it can, should, and I think will appeal to a great many people.

IT is called and you see that little word just below their logo? Well that is one of the largest travel booking websites in the world at the moment and at least when I was able to travel in Asia, was one that I used the most.

Everyone has a "low price guarantee" and they are all full of poo poo when they say that since regardless of whichever booking site you use for flights or hotels, they normally end up all being around the same price. If there is a difference it is so small that it isn't worth your time looking around at all of them for the most part.

Travala very well could be a game-changer because as far as I know they are the only site out there that accepts all manner of payments including the usual credit cards.

src - cropped

That is just all the ones I could fit into one screenshot without mucking about with my screen resolution making it impossible to see what the options actually were. There are many many more.

Here is the part where I tell you about my own personal success with this. When the news that they were partnering with Agoda was released the coin AVA (which is Travala's coin) skyrocketed to something crazy like $7 or something. I was not going to get involved then because even though I don't know a great deal about crypto, i do know about markets and how knee-jerk reactions result in massive buy ups that taper down after a month or so, and this is precisely what happened with Travala.


I got involved around the 40 cents mark because at that point it seemed as though this was where the actual value should have been and it has been steadily climbing in a more rational fashion ever since. Of course there are some spikes in there that could come from a variety of reasons that I am not even going to try to speculate on.

People love to travel and people are going to be desperate to do so in the not so distant future once Covid magically goes away after some key global elections are finished. Then they are going to be very likely to use Agoda in order to do so.

This coin has resulted in a nearly doubling of my very modest investment (screenshot says 16% because I can't enter the EXACT time i go in) and I can't really see any way that this coin could fail.

Personally I already plan on getting more of it during the odd dips that happen but if you look at this coin over time, it has gone steadily upward because (and this is me speaking from a perspective of someone that knows next to nothing about how crypto works) the idea of having ownership in a company that has a product that your average Joe can understand - such as the desire to book flights and hotels online - people are more apt to get involved in this sort of thing.

Once people start traveling again I really believe that AVA is going to become more and more valuable as time goes by. I already put my money where my mouth is, and believe others should do so as well.

It has gone up 2 cents per since I started writing this blog entry.