The Jumbucks to Ubiq Swap

in #crypto7 years ago (edited)

Ever heard of jumbucks?


Today, 3 days after having post this, look where Jumbucks is now:

Yep, thats right. you could have made 33% in 3 days. BUT WAIT! ITS NOT OVER! The swap explained below is supposed to happen saturday. I'm guessing the biggest uptick has yet to even happen.

I have been chatting with the devs behind jumbucks for quite some time now. They have been working on a new chain, a fork of ethereum, which moves the previous jumbucks POS model to a new POW model.

All Jumbucks holders will be issued something like 10 to 1 ubiq - JBs when the swap happens. Prices have already started to reflect this, but who knows how far this baby could go.

Just wanted to share this as something to watch this week. Big news is coming!!

Some interesting links:


BTC-JBS On Bittrex

They also have a great slack channel filled with extremely intelligent folks.


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