I Made A Rocket Out Of Starbucks Cups To Get A Free NFT

in #cryptolast year

You read that right...

I made a rocket out of Starbucks cups and then added some fancy graphics to make it a little better.

Check it out.

Tips & Tricks (16).jpg

It took me 15 minutes to make it all and submit it on Starbucks Odyssey NFT platform.

I got my free NFT.

Here it is... on the top left.

Screen Shot 2023-07-19 at 12.00.49 AM.png

It is my 5th one and I've had to do all different kinds of tasks to get them.

I'm enjoying Odyssey.

I don't drink Starbucks a lot, but I do have a few a month and this helps get me some rewards for my time. And its NFTs... so of course I am interested. lol

I even got a free cold drink fancy cup and gave it to my wife.


There is no game, like Splinterlands, but it is a cool way to reward customers.