Cryptocurrency 24 Hours Recap

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CryptoCurrency recap

CryptoCurrency market cap rankings, posts, and more.
The following statistics are rendered from the 25 largest cryptocoins.

Market Share

The chart shows the market share of the 25 largest coins. Coins with a market share less than 5% have been grouped into "Other"

Winners and losers

Top 5 winners

Name                                Price (USD)% change(24h)
Stellar0.103450187574 7.266
Cosmos4.12428189198 3.6543
[UNUS SED LEO]( LEO)1.1842710887 1.30973
VeChain0.0185523472116 1.19882
IOTA0.240865978144 1.18024

Top 5 losers

Name                                Price (USD)% change(24h)
Chainlink8.31306127037 -3.5382
Cardano0.123056309908 -2.37192
Tezos3.12616454744 -1.42322
Bitcoin SV171.910556322 -0.562092
Monero67.6156568575 -0.283129

Other great coins

Name                                Price (USD)% change(24h)
Steem0.2048380034 2.08719
Bitcoin9154.83390242 0.214045
Ethereum233.327843013 0.118531

Coin news


Twitter Hacker Is Mixing Bitcoin Loot Using a Wasabi Wallet, Elliptic Says!

According to the crypto analytics firm, 2.89 bitcoin associated with Wednesday’s security breach was moved to a Wasabi wallet late last night.

Money Reimagined: This Isn’t Good for Bitcoin!

This week's Twitter hack won't make it easier for the crypto industry to win friends in Washington D.C., with possible implications for DeFi and more. How we talk about events like this matters....


Malaysia Crackdown Unlikely to Affect Binance, eToro!

Malaysia’s financial watchdog has said Binance and eToro don’t comply with the country’s securities law; it’s unlikely to make much of a difference to their local operations, however.


Blockchain Bites: Binance’s Bitcoin Mining, ConsenSys’ Legal Trouble and Why Politicians Blame Twitter, Not Bitcoin!

Binance will consolidate its bitcoin mining, ConsenSys is accused of intellectual property theft and Wonder Woman's illustrator will sell art on Ethereum....

US Agency Says Chinese Drug Traffickers Used Bitcoin to Launder Proceeds!

The U.S. Office of Foreign Asset Control has sanctioned four Chinese residents, claiming they helped launder drug proceeds using bitcoin....

Bitcoin News Roundup for July 17, 2020!

With Binance expanding its miner ambitions and Thailand's CBDC seeing early use, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back with another bitcoin news roundup....

First Mover: Why Bitcoin Traders Couldn’t Give a Sat About the Twitter Hack!

Bitcoin barely moved on this week’s Twitter hack. Here's what analysts said about why the attack had so little effect on prices....

Binance Pool Poised to Grab More Bitcoin Hashrate in Russia and Central Asia!

Binance is looking to consolidate more bitcoin mining hashrate to its pool in Russia and the Central Asia region. ...

What Does the Twitter Hack Mean for Bitcoin? Crypto Reacts!

Is the Twitter hack a watershed moment to decentralized social media? Does it reinforce negative stereotypes of Bitcoin only being used in crime? CoinDesk asked crypto luminaries to see what they think....

In the Aftermath of Hack, Lawmakers Blame Twitter, Not Bitcoin!

Lawmakers are calling on Twitter to answer for a hack that shook the platform, focusing on cybersecurity rather than scapegoating cryptocurrencies....

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