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About @cryptobrewmaster

@cryptobrewmaster is a game DAPP-game startup represented for the first time @steemfest 4 at the Bangkok! You probably can remember the presentation, or for those who haven't been there or haven't seen online here the link:

direct link

The whole idea behind the game is to create an economic strategy SIMS-like style but with a beer in front and in future expand into the franchise-like expansions with some other drinks. We put all our knowledge and passion regarding the craft beer and put it all together in @cryptobrewmaster

Our Roadmap

Q1 2020

  • works on arts and alpha version preparing
  • Game Design Document - work in process
  • SteemProposal launch
  • Community work, giveaways, social media promotions
  • Booster packs pre-sale open
  • #STEEMMEETUPAACHEN2020 - Steem meetup in Aachen Feb2020

Q2 2020

  • Alpha-version launch
  • Locations pre-sale or auction
  • Community work, giveaways, social media promotions
  • Beta version work starts

Q3 2020

  • Beta version work in process
  • Community work, giveaways, social media promotions

Q4 2020

  • SteemFest5
  • Beta version release
  • Community work, giveaways, social media promotions

Current progress and funding details

We finished the concept art part and started the main work on the arts, while the developers' team started their work on alpha release. Last month and 2 months further we are funding the development team and the art team by our own funds so we would like to ask the community to support us by voting for this proposal so we could cut a few of our expenses. We ask for 100 SBD daily for 3 months before the alpha release is out!

For now, we have 3 team members on the design team working on alpha release for 300 hours (January to April) worth of 12 USD per hour which is total 3600 USD
The development team currently consists of 4 people costs us 10K USD monthly

Here are samples of approved concept arts of the game:


More of the arts are here ->

Why This is Important for Steem

We believe in the way of easy onboarding through the games into the Steem community, being adopted in the same way a year ago! We know the beer market, so we are confident in the great collaborations with real-world breweries, malt producers, hop farmers, and other professionals from the beer world. On top of that, we are about to engage home brewers in the USA and worldwide. In the States, for example, is more than 1mil officially registered home brewers according to the AHA (American Home-brewers Association). We believe when we onboard at least 3% of those we definitely going to feel that at the Steem price.

Our future plans are to represent the game worldwide during the massive beer-related event such as
Golden Beer Seal (Ceske Budejovice - CZ) - Feb 2019
Seattle Beer Fest - - July 2020
GABF - Great American Beer Festival - - Sep 2020

Vote for our proposal

About us

The founders' team of @cryptobrewmaster including @rollie1212 and @gengua are huge Steem believers and also co-founders of @teamukraine community providing the support of new local Steem users on a daily basis. @rollie1212 is a craft brewer and works in a beer industry since 2012, currently consulting a craft brewery on a daily basis. @gengua is a cryptocurrency enthusiast running a Ukraine based crypto exchange @cryptex24 where Steem could be traded with Ukrainian Hryvnia - local currency. Together they are also founders of a Telegram bot:, which helps people buy beer with Steem in our hometown. We located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Facebook -
Twitter -
Telegram -
Discord -

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Awesome concept. I would join this. Resteemed.

@cryptobrewmaster, Voted for this Proposal. Unfortunately I've missed the Cryptobrewmaster Project Session in SteemFest 4, but watched it now and i have to say that you've came up with very Professional Work when it comes to the Promotion Video.

And your words definitely reflected your Passion towards this Project and how you want to make it a Franchise in future. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed. 🙂

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We need more meaningful games on Steem! And especially games that appeal to a wider and passionate audience. Upvoted and supported.

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Are You real seriously need 9k dollars to create web browser game?

it's a small cut, the budget we funding with a private funds is around 10 times more) 9K is something we are about to pay to designers team during the whole work.

ps. Mobile version is planned as well after beta release!

for you

Hey @cryptobrewmaster, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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Looking good guys! At @battlegames we love beer and we love games! It would be great if you tagged #battle on your game updates so our gaming community can keep tabs on the development of your game.

Thanks for the comment and your support! We will include hashtag for further updates for sure 👍👍