Cryptobrewmaster giveaway!

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Hello fellow cryptobrewmaster players. I thought i would do another giveaway for any player who would like a chance at getting this upgrade…


This is a pretty great card, it gives you the ability to make 3 beers at once instead of just 1. (Or adds 2 slots to your existing brewing capabilities.)
I will pick the winner from the names in the comments using wheel of names in 7 days. Anyone is free to comment and join! Good luck and happy brewing!


gogo! gl all!

Gotta love giveaways...

Go go go

This card will be awesome

That is brilliant Jeremy, count me in please!

You won! I will send the card via and you will be able to deposit it directly in game from your brewers house under "nft management". Let me know if you need help depositing to game. Thanks for participating!

That is your game username right? Tengolotodo?

yes it is @tengolotodo or tengolotodo :)

Okay it is sent! Let me know if you need assistance depositing to game. Thanks for participating 😁


That is brilliant, I have seen it. Thank you ever so much :)

You’re most welcome! ))

Hey i'm a newbie, please kindly count me in sir :)

Thanks for the giveaway !

Beginner player is here!! Ready to take part in this giveaway

I want to participate @yeckingo1

Ok you're in everybody 👍

Hi, Jeremy. It’s a great gift ☺️

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Last day to join! Will do drawing in 24 hours. Good 🍀

I did the drawing a little early since no more comments recently. And the winner is………



I will do another drawing tomorrow in a new post for another chance for everyone who didn’t win. It will be for a CIP water tower upgrade!