Cryptobrewmaster giveaway winner

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Hello everyone! For those who participated in my last giveaway, @blitzzzz @baboz @yeckingo1 @rimurutempest @ivangeevo @mario02 , i have the results!

Congratulations to @ivangeevo !


I will send the excellent quality brewing water enhancer shortly, and you can claim it in game at your brewers house >nft management >silver deposit button >select card >green deposit button.

Thanks for participating everyone! Have a great day. I will have a new giveaway soon 🎉


Thank you @jte1023.
Congratulations @ivangeevo. 👏

Thank you for your witness vote!
Have a !BEER on me!
To Opt-Out of my witness beer program just comment STOP below

hehe, I guess it's my lucky period 😁🙏 Thanks!

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I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@ivangeevo(1/5) tipped @jte1023 (x1)

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