Will TRON (TRX) heal the Internet ???

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TRON is a new cryptocurrency that started trading on 13th September 2017. They believe that the Internet is centralized and that the Internet belongs to large corporations, rather than the public, which was not the intention of the inventor Tim Berners-Lee, the founding director of the World Wide Web Foundation. "In many ways, the web has lived up to this vision, though it has been a recurring battle to keep it open." read more

TRON know that there endeavour will be difficult, but they believe the fight is worthwhile. "Because a truly decentralized Internet is a laudable goal" white paper

TRON is creating a decentralized content entertainment protocol on the blockchain, It will allow data creators to have ownership of their own data, and creators will be rewarded for their contributions by monetization of the content on the eco system, TRON thinks, "Content should derive from people rather than capitals, and content should be
used to reward people rather than to control people"


  • Operating Platform
  • Big Community (Twitter 12 K followers, Facebook 10473 followers)
  • Partnership with well know Companies
  • Experienced Team
  • TP holders will receive more TPs as a reward (TP = TRON Power which is locked TRON TP not tradable)
  • TP holders have more privileges in the ecosystem
  • Listed on 6 exchanges


  • Massive supply, 100 billion
  • Over ambitious goal centralizing the Internet
  • Going to take 8-10 years to implement the entire TRON system

Tron Distribution

Tron Distribution.PNG


  • Tron is listed on Coinegg! 15 Nov 2017
  • Tron Partners with MLG Blockchain to Develop Global Community 13 Nov 2017
  • Tron Foundation announces the collaboration with ZAG-S&W 10 Nov 2017

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Binance Air drop

If you notice on Binance that you suddenly have TRX tokens in your wallet is because of their bounty program.

Binance Air Drop.PNG

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Thnaks for information. I like TRON Concept. 2 best exchanges we can buy TRON NOW :Binance.com and liqui.io

I bought TRON at binance. Cool! Great Platform and low fee. 0.10%

Tron will hit $1 Soon next years 2018 Good luck!

For more information about Binance Review: https://goo.gl/EFkkQ5