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I know that majority of my following has formed within an amazing photography community, but the sad truth is i haven't done any new photoshoot in more than a year already. This was probably due to the fact that i have moved to a smaller town and models are so much harder to come by.

I have been thinking of starting a new thread for a while since my main focus shifted to discovery of new projects on the blockchain space and i spend quite a lot of time doing research. Consequently i have decided to share some of my finds with an amazing Hive community and i hope you'll find this useful. Needless to say people are prone to mistakes and wrong interpretations so always do your own research (DYOR) as this is not a financial advice by any means, but a way to bring your attention to some projects i find interesting.

As more scalable layer 1 solutions are getting a lot of momentum recently i was always looking to find a cross chain projects that will unite all different chains in a convenient way since moving liquidity from one chain to another is quite a nuisance due to a lack of bridges between the protocols.

However i came across this interesting solution that allows you to trade your funds in a cross-chain manner. RANGO

Rango is a cross-chain DEX aggregator. It combines power of DEX aggregators inside blockchains (e.g. 1Inch) with multiple bridges (e.g. Binance Bridge) and cross chain liquidity providers (e.g. Thorchain) to give you access to better liquidity.

Rango can provide you complex routes from any coin in any blockchain to other coin in other blockchains. Alternatively, we should search and compare multiple DeFi tools yourself, while Rango aggregates all of them in an easy-to-use and elegant UI and much better user experience.

Check it out, try with small amounts first and do not ape all in. But i personally found it a convenient way to move assets between different chains myself.

Hope you'll find it interesting and it will make your life a little bit easier.

Disclaimer: All my posts are here to bring your attention to the projects that i personally find interesting. By no means it is a financial advice. Do your own research at all times and get educated in the exciting blockchain space.


Now you remind me of a dog once called Rango. He keep coming back to our house although he was not ours. But because I feed him everyday, so everyday he come again & again.

Lol How did you know the name? :)