GhostMiner: Cryptomining Malware Goes Fileless

in #cryptocurrency6 years ago

Minerva Labs researchers have conducted an analysis on "GhostMiner;" a cryptocurrency miner that is using fileless techniques in order to increase it's stealth capabilities. The miner spreads by exploiting vulnerable servers running Oracle WebLogic, MSSQL, and phpMyAdmin.
The mining component, a modified "XMRig" miner, is launched directly from memory after stopping other miners running on the system by using PowerShell's "Stop-Process -force" command on blacklisted miners from a hardcoded list.

Cryptocurrency miners cause a high CPU usage, therefore, if fans seem to be always running on a machine, the activity/task manager should be checked to see if miners are running unknowingly. Always keep software up to date to avoid being exploited by old vulnerabilities.
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