FREE BITCOIN! - Bitcoin Scams! - How to Avoid Getting CryptoCurrency Stolen

Free Bitcoin scams are everywhere! How to avoid getting scammed in the cryptocurrency space!

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I've seen all too many fake website claiming to mine bitcoin for you, all that you have to do is pay a miners fee. Watch out for anything with the title "Free Bitcoin" or "Bitcoin Giveaway", unless you know it's a trusted source like CCN.

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If people are falling for these scams they shouldnt have their crypto in the first place. They are the same people who are part fo the get rich quick hype, invest in any coin hoping for 10000% gains and pull out of the market as soon as a small dip happens.

Beware anyone who promises “free stuff” they always want to steal from you.

Thank you for constant and fresh materials! Love coming to you guys for the latest updates on Crypto! Im just a baby whale in the making! Lol

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Agree too many scams out there! I almost gave up my private key to someone when I first started in crypto! BTC: 1JSHMeMwG7c3pjVGbMm1eU2cta7aV5vL1B
ETC: 0x25D2a5E0FE3f722A27E846908C52f1a6ff37022B

Thank you for great material, every day we hear those stories...anyway always nice to listen to your videos while driving!

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We must as a community educate people who are trying to get into cryptocurrency. Together we can all get of scam coins, FUD, and people trying to disrupt the space. One of the main issues I seen has been fake twitter accounts. If anyone asks you to send a certain amount of whatever coin to a wallet don't! Not even Crypto Coin Newz does that. If anything he asks for our wallet to send us money. It sucks many have actually fell for this trick.

The amount of "send .1 and we will send you back 2" scams are ridiculous on twitter. Seems obvious to us but they are working so they keep doing it.