Good News and Bad News! - CryptoCurrency News - North Korea, SEC, Singapore

The good news and bad news surrounding cryptocurrency today! North Korea, SEC and Singapore!

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It sucks seeing some of the great altcoins discounted 60-70% and not having any additional disposable income to increase position in them before these things become more widely adopted, and really take off.

I definitely agree and I’ve been doing the same thing.

I know that feel bro.

There should be a coin dedicated to bringing down the North Korean dictatorship.

The lack of regulation causes huge volatility which makes salary payment unreasonable. Countries stating they won't reject crypto but regulate is very welcomed and would make future salary payment much more likely.

Nice video! There’s so much going on right now surrounding cryptocurrency. I’m what you call a patient investor. Almost all of my coins I’m holding. I decided a while ago to just wait out the storm.

Need more dips!

I still have some doubts about crypto currency but I did purchase more bitcoin while it was below $6500. Hoping to see the market skyrocket in a few months. Fingers crossed for all of us.