Is LISK About to Moon Shot? - Should You Buy LISK? - LISK CryptoCurrency News

Is LISK about to Moon shot? Should you buy LISK? LISK CryptoCurrency News!

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Lisk is an interesting project and I think it definitely has a future. As the market grows this coin is sure to follow suit. I'm personally excited to see where it's going to be by the end of 2018.

It could for sure moon, thanks for the information. Didn't know that the platform was so similar to NEO.
BTC: 1GKP7fgLqJvv3LovGrRtvy1UrXBpbSyFDa

I've been thinking about getting some of that Skylander coin for a while now, but I think I'll stick to NEO and ICON instead.

Yes, I think Lisk is going to Moon. It has an awesome project in place and I like the team behind it. As more people catch on and research the project and the market grows, the price will go up in value. Currently, I hold a strong position in this! @cryptocoinnewz

BTC: 1DCVoeap35jUdctyCkh93341RrEmjuuUag

I think Lisk is a lil out of my price range but ill keep an eye on it. might just have to take out a small position in it...


Lisk is certainly a great project to invest in.. just may be out of the price range of certain people. Definetely would recommend checking out their website! 1MB1oVjuu9JxumkyXFBMSGcqiWy3ESyXLY

Awesome video, will have to take another look at getting into lisk!

Lisk is a good project but pushing $30 now.

It's increasing in anticipation to the rebranding launch happening tomorrow. Can't wait to see what they announce.

The Lisk App SDK is very exciting. So many possibilities that will make promote crypto adooption.

yes, their icon looks like bejeweled.

I don't currently hold Lisk.

I've notice most people are either divided between Lisk or Ark. I'm currently only a holder of Ark although like the rebranding Lisk did. Hopefully Lisk does fix their delegate issues as a lot of people in their community are upset with it. At the moment Ark has a better delegate ecosystem and trying to implement multiple programming languages available for their project. While there are many pros and cons to each, I'm sure both will stick around in the long run.