Richest Men in CryptoCurrency! - Richest Men in the World! - Crypto News

Who are the richest men in the cryptocurrency world? And how do they stand up next to the richest men in the world?

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Again, how could you determine that accurately when some of them things are anonymous. Either case, nice video....

Crypto wealth on Forbes. A new standard of wealth.

Great Stuff, bro!!!! Wish i was one of these guys lol !!

I like the interesting information and tidbits you and the guys bring to all your videos... Please keep up the good work

Lol they forgot me...

Forbes!!! Hahhahhahahahaha

Man I would love to be one of those rich guys. Wish I got in when crypto started... oh well. Coulda shoulda woulda.

For some reason I don't think its too late, I believe we are still early to the party!

I really hope so man! No more FUD. Just LAMBOS FOR EVERYONE!

yeah 100% still early!

Where are the women!! ; )

Hopefully we get up there! Never too late.

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Gret video, but im jealous hahaha... any more on Binance coin?

To get richer with any luck hey :D