Tron's New Partnership! - Tron Partners with Spacety - SpaceX of China! - TRX CryptoCurrency

Tron just established a new partnership with the SpaceX of China Spacety! TRX CryptoCurrency News!

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you could include the link about the news for reference

I laughed out loud when you said April 1st (April Fools) was your projected exit date! Sounds good. At .12 cents I’d have a 2.5X profit.

You could buy a bit more now, I believe it is at 6 cents. But definitely funny that he mentioned April 1st. Lol

The crazy part is i honestly think Justin dropped that on purpose. The bot manipulation of TRX is extremely interesting to watch. I still hold high expectations for TRON. What do you think? Still could hit 1 dollar after coin burn?

I think that with all the news and exchanges that TRON is being added on it will just give us more money infused in TRX.

i really hope trx stops the hype and release real use-case products very soon!

I could not agree more, less fluff=more work

Yeah, same. Sun needs to stop trying to hype so much as everyone has clocked onto it now..

I feel excited for each partnership. Although, us from the western world don't quite know of these organizations it just expands the amount of people involved in this project. I think that Tron has a lot of good news coming with new exchanges, coin burn, etc. I have been holding this coin since December and I am hoping for massive gains in the upcoming future.
Great video!!

I can't imagine how far the price would go up if Tron partners up with a western company. For now it's good news it's getting more partnerships and ending up on multiple exchanges. Will see in the months ahead how far it can go.

When I saw the title for this earlier today on YouTube I got really excited then I watched the video and just realized it was another one of trx’s Pr stunts. Like others have said they need to stop the hype and produce some real working products other than Tron puppies. And I hope they do not just want to put there tech in a satellite and say Tron was in space cause I think that would make Justin sun look really immature. I have a stake in Tron I believe they can deliver I just want to see them do it.

Not really sure how people would suspect TRX going to partner with an American based space frontier. I do business in China with one of the leading suppliers in the chinese space program. It would have been much more logical for TRON to partner up with a company from mainland China.

BTW. I am a TRX holder. I have tremendous fate in TRON and I even suspect that TRON can become the main crypto used in Asia.

Thanks for the insight. Some people are upset with Tron due to not having partner with a company they recognize. It makes sense to do partnerships and business with other companies in your same area first and then expand globally. Still holding all year long and see where Tron goes.

Guys, I want to hear your opinion!
I've invested quite a few of my dollars in TRX. I believe in the technology and in Justin. My question is: Is it likely for us to see a $1 TRON? Could we even see a $3 TRON by the end of 2018, or is that too far of a stretch? I want to hear your thoughts.

Anything is possible in these markets. Look at ripple for example it stayed around a certain price for ages and then suddenly made a huge run. Tron is still in a very early stage and does have a bright future in the long run, but its just hard to see what's going to happen with Sun constantly hyping it.

You make a very good point! I agree, I'm very curious to see where Tron will go after the coin burn!

It's got to have a postive impact on price seeing as supply will be reduced. It only makes sense.

This would be awesome if they actual use the utility of TRX!!

I just know if I sell my TRX position (the only one I'm still in profit on!) it'll shoot up (sods law!) so am holding for now... Fingers crossed! And thanks for the info!

Sell, that way when it goes up I can sell mine :)

Oh.,....and by the can we find out who is winning your daily "gifts" ?

Theres just too much hype around this coin that it is hard to moonshot now. but one can dream

I really want to know the amount of coiins that will be burned. I'm holding alot of tron I'm just worried I get out too soon.

Tron will explode this year, glad I got in early and hodl since then 📈🤟🏼

I’ve been up and down about getting me some tron... part of me thinks it going to take off and the other part thinks it always going to be a $0.07 coin what should I do?

If you believe in the team and technology, I would buy at 7 cents. Just my opinion.

love your videos and would love to be a broadcaster!

Finally :/ thought the price hasnt really be affected

Well, this has certainly been informative. When I bought at 0.22 there was talk of it going to 1.00 within days! LOL Taught me a lesson!

Well to be honest. The growth seen at that point ($0.22) was to steep to be stable at all. Seeing it has to come down at some point before inflating again.

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Resteemed ;) i have a small bag of trx, hopeing for at least 2x what's it at now

I'm 100% sure that TRX will be $1!!! Mark my words!!!

I have a feeling too, but the better question is when? For now we hold and wait lol

dfs coin and upfiring review

Holding a small bag of TRX, I have been hodling just waiting on it to get about 3x. I think this partnership will have big implications once it starts working on projects like you mentioned. I know a lot of people say it is a scam or a pump and dump coin, but I think with such a strong team they will be able to stick around for awhile.

Great content as always . Really enjoy your u tube vids. I repost your work on my page also. Keep up the excellent service 👍

when will tron go back up

Here my btc wallet: 13SbJLYjsJf8XEkT7voWHkVXzVC4Txc7Ev

This could certainly be interesting. I will be interested to see some of the ideas behind what this partnership will bring. I really hope its not just some ploy to say they were the first crypto in space but that there is actually some utility that comes with it.

the thumbnail is dope

Will that make any difference to the price of trx?trx seems dead
bought it at around 18 cents and it has nosedived since.hope it recovers

This could be good, can't wait until after Lunar New Year when some Asian Money gets put back into the market.

Tron is a long investment if you wish to see instant results try something else tron still building its empire!

Have big hopes for the team at Tron!!

Great post. I too hold TRX and look forward to its utility.

Question for you.... Right now most of the growth in crypto is hype, marketing, the team, whitepaper, website, roadmap, etc. What percentage of these projects do you think will still be around and profitable when they have to put there money where their mouth is?