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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz

It's late here in Switzerland, ladies, and gentlemen. I worked hard to reach this actual point where we are now, and I'm super tired. I've nearly not slept the last three days to get this here done. Now I'm very motivated to send out the news!

From the makers of DApps.Buzz, the coffee brainfuckers, the music addicted, live and direct from the bushes, slowly moving like sloths, are presenting the equivalent to the announcement's announcement: The Crypto Pre-Project!

Ozor.io is home to Cryptoradio.FM, DApps.Buzz, Unirchat, Slothlydoesit, Tickertaz, and a few more Websites. The Topic is easy to recognize, all about Crypto, Smart Contracts, Blockchains, NFTs, … Crypto all the way!

The idea is quite simple: Wordpress.com on the blockchain, decentralized, for everybody - People can build their website as easy as 1-2-3, but having them in an ecosystem that rewards the content and community activities. In 2020, over 455 million websites use WordPress.com. That's 35% of all websites in the world! We use this simplicity as our idol because it seems to work out and because our sites are actually WordPress hosted.

But how will this all have value, once, if it rewards everything? Well, imagine article timestamps, tokenized pieces of content, ownership over your intellectual property—the possibility to sell your piece of content, which then can be used in other projects. Then, the opportunity to add all of this into an automated advertising system that can interact outside the blockchain. And what if the only exchange possibility will be through a DeFi? And the only minting happens through content? And what are the difficulties?

  • Blockchain Realworld URL
    We are inventing a great way to combine nodes and DNS services for the public world.
  • Spam free!
    We are in the conception phase of an AI and community-driven antispam system.
  • Upgraded Standards
    We plan to keep the Web-Standards up to date with a network-wide upgrade feature.
  • Your 1-2-3 Project
    Imagine building your decentralized and monetized website as easy as WordPress.
  • It's Yours.
    Your piece of content. And what's the best way to prove ownership of content?
  • Blockchain, yay!
    Getting paid for my effort? Way to go! And we think the Crypto world is vital for this vision.

We're in a beta test with the priority of managing our projects. We're open for the community to use the social network part of the Project but have to keep the hosted sites limited. We're driving through chapter 1, which means we prioritize collecting technical data and user feedback. Nevertheless, we also want to build up the community with the services we have built. It has its productivity part for its own hosted sites, which will soon transit to this ecosystem:

Chapter 1: What the hell is a Crypto Pre-Project?!

It means, my friend, the here and now. Welcome to chapter 1, where the vision has it's beginning. While it keeps the management of the different sites more comfortable for us, we can collect the information we need to build, well, exactly this, on a blockchain. We are focusing on the token economy just now. But remember, it's off-chain, and at the moment, unstable. When we reach chapter 3, the idea is that all the helpers here will exchange the token 1:1 with the blockchain pendant. Till then, we can guarantee nothing, and nothing has to have a value.

Chapter 2: Transition to a Blockchain

Ozor's move into the blockchain. We're evaluating the blockchain possibilities and decide how to move on when we reach chapter 2. The change will be with the same closed community and the moderated content. We want to build the Website builder as easy as WordPress, with the same idea of the plugins modularity. Today, in chapter 1, this is our starting base of a whole ecosystem, not just a Website builder.

Chapter 3: Decentralization and Go Live

Far away! It's our dream! In this stage, the ecosystem should stand on its feeds, completely decentralized, entirely in the people's hands. We, the project leaders, then have our projects hosted there, of course. And can be there as a module developer.

At this point, we have to control and manage the content. Which means we're not as free as we are when on the blockchain. But on the path, with the help of you, the community. DApps.Buzz registered members already have access to Ozor with their DApps.Buzz credentials. DappStats VIP members also have access. We open the doors soon for more people.

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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz