Introducing WorxS -- S is for Sharing

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Back in the early months of the year 2018, I wrote this post where I outlined an epic formula to grow your crypto currency portfolio. Aside from crypto currency faucets, airdrops are the next best thing. Today, I'm pointing to another way to grow your crypto portfolio -- with an option to invest.

This is neither an airdrop (since an airdrop is a non-recurring distribution) nor a faucet (since in a faucet, you have to return and click or perform a task in exchange). This is a set it and forget it thing, and what made it possible is still crypto currency -- Worx (or WorxS, S is for sharing). Check out WorxS and see what it is about.

What happens is that, anyone with a Discord account can register through this Discord invitation link. After accepting the invite, you have the option to have a "lite" membership or a "full" membership. On a lite membership, you can participate on 1 (and only 1) partner coin.

"Lite" Membership. The only thing you need is to choose a crypto, download its corresponding wallet and follow the tutorial to register a coin wallet address.

"Full" Membership. Unlike "lite" membership, where you are limited to one (1) crypto, a "full" membersip grants you the opportunity to participate to all partner coins. The only requirement is for you to lock a UTXO of at least 500 Worx coins.

After this, you will need to download the coin wallets you want to participate in and register an address for each crypto. You could participate in all of the partner coins if you wish to. And this will give you the opportunity to try out the other coins and earn a bit of each in the process.


A green check mark next to the coin name confirms your registration, while the padlock icon indicates you need to register a wallet address to participate. You only need to register once and reap rewards after.

The platform is fairly new and the partner coins are growing in numbers. There is no risk for both memberships, as a lite member will not need to purchase anything; and, similarly, a full member has full control over his Worx crypto. He/she doesn't need to send it anywhere and could spend it anytime. This is also how you stop participating. Simply move your Worx coins and move on.

There isn't any simpler way to earn and build your crypto currency portfolio. Why don't you try it out with a "lite" membership first and see for yourself?

Worx can be purchased from Graviex Exchange, and if you wish to use my Graviex affiliate code, it is: 05fdb0b413018a08d41bbdca


[screencap(s) are mine]


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Thanks! (vote for them as witness!)



S is also for Sex and Socks - two things I never have enough of.

This is a really smart new idea though, and like the idea of being able to sign up through discord - I will give the lite option a try.

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hahaha.. yup those S'es give it an entirely different meaning.

same for me.. and since i'm a hodler of Worx already becoming a full member was a matter of registering the MN collateral. risk-free since your coins are still under full control.

let me know if you need help in setting it up.

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