Community Update #4

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Welcome everyone to the first community update of 2019.

We have been busy working on the front and back end to improve the experience for all users and partners. We pushed through as many improvements as possible to get key milestones ticked off before the end of 2018. While we keep working to make even better, we take a moment to appreciate the new UX and with it the last couple of months of work. A lot of things changed, our values didn’t. New Design, New UX: Try the Beta Now!

Last week, we launched the beta for the new front-end of Anyone can use it to flyp 30+ cryptocurrencies by clicking on the horizontal fixed bar at Alternatively, head over to to see what the new experience is all about. We can't wait for more users to try it and tell us their thoughts. Many of you have been in touch to praise the new design and experience. Many wrote to us to suggest improvements and others spotted imperfections in the site. We appreciate each and every comment and suggestion and would like to get even more.

While many UX and UI improvements are clearly visible, here we put the spotlight on something that might have gone unnoticed:

  • Streamlined refund and customer experience

As you know asks all users to provide an optional refund address before starting the exchange. From now, if the exchange is canceled due to the wrong amount being sent or if it expires, users will be able to provide a refund address directly on the website to get an automatic refund without the need to contact customer support. This improvement has already drastically reduced customer support requests. Additionally, the new contact us provides all users with a more tailored way to get in touch with the team depending on the subject.

  • Keyboard navigation and shortcuts

While being self-explanatory, let's stress the importance of having keyboard navigation and shortcuts. Being able to effectively use your keyboard when accessing a service is critical to many users. This is true for, whether you are a power user who makes multiple exchanges in a short timeframe, a visually impaired user who prefers to issue commands via keyboard or a user who simply wants to compute without a mouse. Ease of use and speed are important.

In summary you can use TAB to move across relevant fields and Shift+TAB to move in the opposite direction. When focused on the coin dropdown you can press SPACE and then start typing to search for a coin. Press CTRL+Enter to Flyp Now.

// TAB = Moves through the tabs
// Shift+TAB = Moves backwards through the tabs
// SPACE = Open coins dropdown
// CTRL+ENTER = Flyp Now

From the back-end: API
The API has been updated from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 with additional calls and payment statuses. These mean API partners will be able to do an automatic refund whether the end user has provided the refund address or not, with the ability for the API partner to add the refund address through the API.

  • Add NEEDS_REFUND status for orders.
  • Add refund_address in order results.
  • Add /order/addrefund api call to add a refund address.
  • Add payment_status inside order/info and order/check.
  • Add referral_code parameter to data/exchange_rates.

Volume update
Volumes in October were the highest since June, and volumes in November were higher than October. As we approached the end of 2018, December saw lower volumes compared to the previous two months, but they were still higher than August and September. Our outlook is optimistic with the new improvements, integrations and activities planned for this year. at the Monaco International Blockchain
At the beginning of December, the team attended the first professional trade show dedicated to the Blockchain Industry in Monaco. Thanks to our contacts we got invited to the VIP dinner where we were able to connect and share the story with the speakers, exhibitors and investors in attendance. Writer Program
Our writer program keeps thriving with the 5th round of submissions done and the winner of the gold medal being @grider123 with the article Why privacy is important when trading cryptocurrencies.

Stay tuned through our social networks. And keep Flypping.



Hi there, will you support the Bitshares chain soon? They have one of the highest volume chains in the world (see and an ever growing network of merchants who use that chain as a point of sale network (see

Here are the current, very good instructions to add the Bitshares high volume chain to

If you want some free help, feel free to ping us any time on telegram at: