Announcement of the Winner of Browsing Kapetanios's Steem Power Lotery #2

in #cryptocurrency5 years ago (edited)

What's up guys !Browssing Kapetanios wants to announce with this post the winners of Steem Power Lottery #2

We had 15 participants qualified, who fulfilled the requirements of the contest ( upvote min. 0.01)

And the winners are as follows:

PlaceFollowerPrize SP delegation for 1 week
1st place@victorcovrig200 SP delegation
2nd place@nicolaepavelean100 SP delegation

Below is the video showing the 2 winners choosen with

Thank you too all the voters and the winners and use your prize wisely !! A new lottery will start in 2 weeks!! THE PRIZES WILL BE DELEGATED IMMEDIATELY AFTER THIS POST!!

The Signature of the captain: