Aitheon - New AI & Robotics On Blockchain - Wow We Are In A Whole New World

Here's my latest research on Aitheon ICO. A big picture company.

Here's an excerpt from an article about Aitheon:
"Powered by blockchain, AI, and distributed robotics, Aitheon ignites the 4th industrial revolution into an era of collective intelligence and human robotic symbiosis.

Backed by prominent AI experts, Aitheon is engaging its users and product testers through multiple innovative platforms. Aitheon AI, Robotic, and human symbiosis automate business processes through robots (Mech-Bots and electronic devices), virtual robots (digibots) and humans interacting with all robotics. The AI and robotics technocrats have several genius ways to engage people which allows users to assume ownership and ensures the growth of the entire ecosystem. Aitheon has also introduced an empowerment program featuring community-driven voting blocks that allow users to guide development and the future of the company in almost all aspects."
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Love this video! Thanks for telling us about Aitheon. Here's another video I just found they did which has a whiteboard explanation of how their tokens work....if anyone else is interested. These guys are such leaders in the space. I can't believe they already have 3 MVPs!!!! Thanks for reviewing them @Happy! You always have cool ICOs to check out. :)

great explainer vid for Aitheon. thanks @thebrightness

i impressed for your amazing video... you sharing a fantastic post... i want to see your next post... best of luck....

well thank you so much for your kind compliment.

Titanium is a long term project that offers nothing at this present time only hype, I'd be worried that they flounder for a year or so and it would be far easier to earn coins with other projects. But good luck if you invested in Titanium.

I haven't seen that one. I'll look into it a little bit

Wow....thanks for this. its enlightening. Good to know aout the crypto project

glad you liked it dimix

nice review video with good example :) thanks

thanks littlefox.

Awesome video! Phenomenal investment opportunity in a company that has already developed their own block chain and 3 viable products as the clear market leader in an emerging 280 billion AI robotics sector by 2020.

new technology and idea involved in blockchain that the speading system and some it could on echosystem with several blockchain platform, thanks for your information.

Now this looks to me the kind of platform i was looking for thanks for sharing about in details ...thanks so much again :D

This looks like a powerful platform the concept is the key of their core mission thanks for bringing and sharing it bro

we are entering a whole new world projects i am excited about this one thanks for all the love and video :)

Aitheon ICO seems like the perfect ico in the recent times thanks @happymoneyman for sharing the details about it

The new fad in crypto seems to be creating ecosystems or platforms and attracting people to them. And that makes sense. You outdid yourself with this video in terms of research and length :)

This is really interesting and inspiring! The future is today :)

Man ur videos are starting to LOOK GOOD!
Getting professional and in your grove brother!
Also congrats on the super successful post! You deserve it!

did you say in Nevada? is this already a thing?

Indeed , this cars are about to hit the road in 2018.
much more announcements are about to hit

How can an average person get ahead of this? Is there a business they should start, a degree to pursue?