Bitconnect Self Referal Compounding Accerlation Plan

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I am always on the hunt for passive income systems that dont require you to participate in someone else's MLM scheme, unless that referral concept can be used for your self, without the need of strangers etc.

So i decided what if i used my own referral link to create my own tier 1 referral team, after all i get 7% for each investment from tier one so for the mimum loan amount i would get $7 usd for each minimum loan, what i didnt know was it appears in your "Lending Wallet" meaning you can reinvest it without the hassel of converting to BCC etc.

So i decided to make a test account using a seperate email address, yes this is a requirement and so is having a different mobile number to register the account with, so this is not something that could easily scale to large numbers unless you have access to alot of emails and mobile numbers you can access.

This trick is more for the 1 - 5 sub accounts that would allow you to diversify your investment whilst also earning 7% per investment on your tier one accounts, which you then re-invest.

This would overall accelerate your overall investment faster then a single account would for the same amount being invested.

so now every payday i pick one of the accounts and make an investment and at the end of each month i go into all accounts and re-invest etc 4 sub accounts seems to be the sweat spot for me, but you could do it with a minimum of 2 total accounts.


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Thank you for your time & technique/wisdom on this concept!