NLC-WHO?? An Introduction to the New NLC2: A True Diamond in the Rough

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In a space like the cryptosphere where words are thrown around so much, it's important to do detailed research to find what is worth you investing in. Too many startups make promises that are redundant and unneeded or are just out of their reach. Investing in something like this can be a big blow to any sized investor, making it extremely important to do thorough research and find your diamond in the rough.

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One that my research has led me to is NoLimitCoin2, a cryptocurrency focused on taking primarily fantasy sports market to the next level with pioneering features and advantages to the industry. I say “primarily” sports because they are not limiting themselves to just fantasy football, soccer, hockey, basketball, MMA, cricket, and baseball. In addition to the impressive partnership of Joe Theismann in the football sector, NLC2 has also joined forces with legendary poker player Johnny Chan to improve the world of online poker events.


Also, a considerable advantage is Will Walker who has years of experience in cryptocurrency and Exchange-traded funds as well as invaluable relationships with accredited investors such as crypto-vet and founder of Patrick Byrne, as well as one of the top MMA fighters of all time Randy Couture. The NoLimitCoin team through its work has shown to have an incredible vision, commitment, and work ethic. Not to mention they’ve had a working product for months and as demonstrated by their most recent video update they’ve been working overtime with the beta version of the UI already released and the next UI update in the works already. This fact alone puts NLC2 in a small percentage of coins even in the top 100 of coin market cap that have any product to show for all the talk they’ve been doing, and even was recently voted as having the strongest community in the cryptosphere partly in thanks to the business room chat group on Slack that is pushing 2,000 members strong, joinable here, where one can connect with the entire NoLimitCoin community including the CEO and developers to ask questions.

First and foremost of updates described in the video above include the new website. NoLimitCoin developers gave an incredible new look improving over existing user interfaces like Draft Kings and Fan Duels. Right off the bat, it’s made very clear what NoLimitCoin is about as well as its pioneering features like instant transfer speed, 4% proof of stake, lowest rake fees in the industry, and extremely low transaction fees just to name a few things that fix current issues for players in the industry and make it extraordinarily attractive to both new and experienced fantasy competitors. Among the thousands of blockchain based projects available to invest in, NoLimitCoin is demonstrating an ability to assess market needs and develop a system that blows the competition away by incorporating input from veteran players and the NoLimitCoin community, in addition to their team. Scrolling down on the website you find attractive clickable banners for each sport and even a countdown timer building anticipation for the launch of fantasy NHL on November 28th. One can view the whitepaper which is now in its 42nd version, a testament to the team’s dedication, drive, and hunger for perfection. Also showcased is partnerships with ambassadors Joe Theismann and Johnny Chan, the new beta version of the UI, a direct link to explore and play on said UI, professional photos of the entire team, and even a news and videos section explicitly built to enable the latest news and videos to appear right away. Click on the video tab at the top of the website to easily and quickly find any content mentioning NLC2 on YouTube, removing the chore of hunting down relevant information for investors. Developers seriously went above and beyond to form the main hub for new information. So, have you scoured all the available information and still have a question? Maybe you want to buy NoLimitCoin with your Visa debit/credit card, or maybe you have a question about the partnership affiliate program. Scroll to the very bottom of the website and find a contact section with every standard social media link, as well as the NoLimitCoin phone number for direct support. That’s right, the team has established a customer support phone number with a professional sound that connects you to actual developers of NoLimitCoin, and I’m excited to say that this is just one example of how they are delivering on pioneering features in the crypto space, one of the few coins doing a great amount more work than talk.


To be blown away, click to sign up, explore, and play on the new user interface if you haven’t found it yet. Tens of thousands of hours developing and input from over 2,000 community members strong plus experienced fantasy sports players and innovative minds all over the world has resulted in a new experience that exceeds expectations and industry standards, adding never before seen features and abilities to fantasy sports such as competition-driving stats for top fantasy players in specific field positions as well as top 5 team managers for each fantasy week.


The new UI also features never before attempted field view that blows away all the competition, in addition to an also never before attempted feature which is being able to buy NoLimitCoin with Visa directly on the platform for 10% above market rate, another pioneering move in the cryptosphere that makes NLC2 leaps and bounds more accessible for people unfamiliar with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, all of which can currently be used to trade for NLC2. The genius, however, with accepting Visa for 15% over market rate is that the new customer now has an incentive to familiarize themselves with and pay in cryptocurrency to save money. Although if they do choose to pay with Visa card, the equivalent amount of coins sold are bought back on the exchange, stimulating volume and market price of the coin. Continuing with the long list of updates, the feature to buy with Visa will soon be available in the same desktop wallet in which you can stake your coins for 4% annual compounding interest. Further pushing the envelope, each of the weekly Top 5 fantasy team managers is invited to a weekly YouTube fantasy show which will be broadcasted to tens and eventually hundreds of thousands of viewers, further increasing competition, and keeping players coming back which inevitably increases exposure and new user traffic. As we all know a passionate, excited, and competitive customer base results in healthy growth, and with fantasy football being a $7 Billion industry in the US alone there is plenty of healthy growth to be had. Combine that with the fact that the coin is currently only trading on low volume exchanges and listings on high volume exchanges are impending, makes NoLimitCoin a boiling pot with a lid on top.

As far as advertising, a specialized marketing team with an ad agency has produced hundreds of ads aimed at the target audience that will be soon raising awareness in Europe, China, and even Africa as well as the United States. Also, a televised campaign is developing with Cox communications who is reportedly being very generous and helpful with spreading awareness as far and wide as possible. NoLimitCoin2 has an ad campaign running on, “the most respected source of fantasy sports news and advice,” which has been getting great feedback and response including over 300 registrations on the first day of ads.


Digital marketing will also be rolling out soon for all sports, focused on Fanduel and Draft King type customers, and online ads will be extended onto other specialized sports websites as well as large-audience platforms like Facebook and Clicksor for China audience. Also exciting to think about is the marketing potential from charity events with ambassadors Joe Theismann and Johnny Chan.


In the words of CEO Rafael Groswirt and Co-Founder Oscar Peralta, NoLimitCoin isn’t just sitting around waiting for things to happen, and the collaboration plus feedback from the community makes this company different from every other one out there. They are locking down insanely valuable partnerships and developing real-world application further than just the $70 Billion industry of fantasy football. From a variety of other sports to poker events to the unique ability to purchase a wide selection of products and merchandise to your door directly for NoLimitCoin2 through NoLimitCoin is fusing the traditional capital world with gamification and the new asset class of cryptocurrency and has an amazingly diverse team that is collectively passionate about and driven toward its goals. Investor confidence as well as the strength of the coin and community has been illustrated by the price’s resilience in the recent blood red market that has been presenting investors a once in a lifetime buying opportunity, and considering its relatively low circulating supply of 202,615,362 coins plus the fact that the coin will soon be in high demand, the current price below 20 cents leaves a dizzying amount of room to grow. You simply could not be picking a better time to be researching and hopping on the space-bound NLC2 shuttle.

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Nice update m8. My favorite part: "In the words of CEO Rafael Groswirt and Co Founder Oscar Peralta, NoLimitCoin isn’t just sitting around waiting for things to happen, and the collaboration plus feedback from the community makes this company different from every other one out there." TY

Thanks for the great information on No Limit Coin.Definitely a winner.Thank you

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Looks like a solid product combining 2 growing industries in Crypto and Fantasy Sports. Thanks for the insight!

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