Earn 1% every month by holding 200+ INSTANTCOIN in your Waves wallet!

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Hello community!

From the 1st of July 2019 -2020 each holder of the INSTANTCOIN token will earn 1% monthly reward from their holdings. Each year the reward will be halved.
To be eligible to receive this reward you will have to hold at least: 200+ INSTANTCOIN in the official Waves wallet.

You can also download the wallet from the Google & Iphone app stores or use it on your pc.
Visit: https://waves.exchange

Everyone is also able to buy and sell this token on the Waves Decentralized Exchange(DEX) against many assets and exchange is also build into the wallet/app.
Here is a direct link to the exchange: INSTANTCOIN/WAVES

For more info about the INSTAINBLOCKS■ | INSTANTCOIN project visit our website: https://instainblocks.io

If any questions feel free to ask in our Discord & Telegram group! https://discord.gg/hJZgFdy - https://t.me/instantcoinchat


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