Pay for transaction fee's with INSTANTCOIN on the Waves Platform Client + AIRDROP & Faucet!

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Great News for everyone that owns INSTANTCOIN!

Sponsorship has been enabled for our token, from now on all INSTANTCOIN users will be able to pay transaction fee's in INSTANTCOIN instead of Waves!

Every transaction will cost: 0.01 INSTANTCOIN which is basically for free when you have earned some with our airdrops or giveaways.
This will also mean for our token holders that they will no longer need any Waves tokens to send transactions. This option can also be used for every cryptocurrency you make transactions with on the Waves Platform Client.

BONUS: Airdrop of 25 INSTANTCOIN started for everyone that sends his WAVES/INSTANTCOIN address at the "instantcoin-airdrop" channel on Discord!
This airdrop ends at: Sunday, October 21 so be quick!

Join here: INSTAINBLOCKS Discord server
Make sure that you use the Official Waves Client

Tips: You can also get free upvotes for your steemit posts at our discord server!


Hi instantcoin !

Do you know Share2Steem ?
It's a new application that allows you to automatically post on Steemit what you publish on Instagram, Twitter or Youtube.
This way you can build your community here on Steemit and on your traditional social media at the same time, and with no extra efforts !

For the latest news about the Share2Steem application, visit our @share2steem profile.

See you soon on

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I love me some airdrops and giveaways, thanks for the info

Your welcome!


We wish your project success!

From Redfishcoin!

Thanks, you too!

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