Qoinpro Scam

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago
  1. I had opened a Qoinpro account on user id 'intutkri2' around six months back

  2. I had received many promotional emails from [email protected] regarding deposit of BTC for claiming BCH and BTG.

  3. ***At last I think I had fallen prey to their emails and deposited some amount of BTC to claim my BCH and BTG and that's it after that I never received a promotional mail from them after the deposit

  4. ***I had sent many BCH and BTG claim mails to [email protected] and [email protected] and contacted them on email, Twitter and Telegram many times but no reply or response from them.

  5. ***I had submitted support tickets also at support.qoinpro.com under user id 'intutkri2' but they were closed without any proper resolution

  6. ***After checking my qoinpro BTC address 1K5JDqh7LVWEV1uvmQhbdKBdyN86iTZWfm on blockchain it is showing zero balance whereas the amount is supposed to be X BTC and there were also many transactions which I had not carried out. May be they are carrying out insider trading with the BTC deposited bt people like me and generating profits for themselves.

  7. ***I had withdrawn X amount of BTC from my Qoinpro (user ; intutkri2) BTC address 1K5JDqh7LVWEV1uvmQhbdKBdyN86iTZWfm to my personal BTC address 154UWpunPRyVT9LPfgrdcQKWj6276rrnMB but till now I had not received it.

  8. ***Websites : www.qoinpro.com and www.vdschagt.com (is never working)

  9. ***Company Office Address :
    QoinPro Limited
    1206, Eastern Commercial Centre
    397 Hennessy Road - Wan Chai
    Hong Kong S.A.R.

  10. *******Will update this post once I receive a positive reply from Qoinpro or Mr. Wouter

  11. ***So, Dear Friends ! Please decide whether this is scam or legitimate on your own diligence. I had put down my own genuine experiences with Qoinpro.


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