I want to start mining!!!

Since I've ben around on steemit I've started to be more interested in the whole cryptocurrency thing.
I was looking for new ways to get more steem or steem power but found no way to mine it directly.
Than I found out about cryptotab to mine bitcoins. But at a rate of 2 dollar cents a day that looked a lot like bullshit, unless you referred 1000 users.
After that I was fooling around with some mining software and some mining pools to mine monero. I cant remenber how I came to that currency, but I mined for for a couple of hours with my laptop (stupid idea). But mined like 10 dollar cents or so.
That triggered me to look at mining rigs, but the prices for that are crazy, I found some video's to build one out of an old pc. So now I teared my pc apart leaving only motherboard and cpu (intel celeron) in the case.

Now all i need is a powersuply, ssd drive, some pci risers, and of course at least one gpu.
For the gpu's I first thought about 3x gtx 1050 ti's but after reading lots and lots of reviews I think it's better to have 2x rx 570's.
There must be a lot of miners here in the steemit community, maybe some advise?20180924_235801.jpg

It's more for fun and to keep my brian trained😁 then to really make a profit.
I'll keep updating my progress on my diy mining rig.

Oh yeah, if you wanna try the crypto tab. referral link, (if you didn't already tried it)
Who knows, maybe it does work?

thanks for reading my post.