How you mining

Several ways of doing
Or with your graphics card but average
Or with a more profitable miner
Or cloud mining

I name you High Master, of the Order Doge :D

Thanks for your upvote!!!.........

Were you mining those amount?

Yes for a long time 4 years of crops

I admire your patience to wait 4 years. Congratulation.

It is easy the price is so low that I keep them for too long time lol

It isn´t easy to see your money without touching for too long time. Do you have miners or were you mining with cloud mining?

I use minors and clouds and faucet but faucet walk at best
And when the price drops I exchange my BTC against doge

Thank you... You are my Doge Hero now... LOL

Not actually too bad of an earning for four years, especially since it can be done completely on the side without much effort!

At the time of faucet box I was doing 10 000 doge a day with my site faucet the dogecoin coutais nothing he climb little but I hope he regains a little strength

A doge is a failed coin

This is the coin for lovers of dogecoin
It is the long time we hope no more than 180 satoshi max

i have 240000 btc satoshi
thanks for upvoting my posts btw

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