Mining BCH not profitable

Since the release of BCH I use an old miner of 300 Gh/s on viabtc.

The return for 1 th / s is around 0.021 BCH which represents approximately $ 0.60
Against 0.00027237 btc about 0.90 $
The difficulty of BCH drops but not enough and the price remains stable.

Or the price of BCH must go up or the difficulty goes down

The mining power also goes up and down, as if the miners do not know whether to stay on the BCH network.

For now I leave my little miner on with the hope that the difficulty goes down and even the price go up hard when my reserve is full.

If nothing happens quickly BCH could die abandoned by miners.

For the moment no question of putting all my power on Bitcoin cash, but it remains a bold bet if the BCH is close to the $ 1000.

But nothing is right for now

Sorry my English Feet Feels


Rumor has it that BCH will become profitable soon.

For the moment it is not profitable and the future is far and uncertain the minor costs in electricity

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