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What is Sia?

Sia is a storage-backed cryptocurrency. SiaCoins are redeemable for storage bought from other users of Sia who host "farms"-- storage made available to the peer to peer cloud that is Sia.

What's the URL?


Programming Languages

  • The miner is written in C
  • Sia is written in go
  • Sia provides libraries to access content written in JavaScript

How do I get Sia coins?

  • Exchanges
  • Mining
  • Farming

Sia can be bought at exchanges like many currencies. It can also be mined using a GPU, which provides security to the Sia blockchain, just like mining ethereum does. Finally, and probably most commonly, Sia can be farmed by providing storage to the user community.

Similar Concepts

  • Storj
  • FileCoin
  • MaidSafe

How can I use sia?

  • Cloud storage
  • building distributed web applications (if the javascript implementation ever gets the kinks worked out)

Sia can be used as personal cloud storage. More interestingly, Sia can be used as distributed storage for content oriented web sites, and more.....but the last time I tried this the javascript libraries were not too fresh. This might have changed since then, however. People building distributed video streaming solutions might be interested in storing files in sia and then streaming them out with the sia javascript libraries.

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I loved your post, I believe it will be very useful to have known this Sia currency through you !!!