What is a Cryptocurrency?Find out how trading will be done in Cryptocurrency

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Every country has a well-known currency or money. US dollar, rupee of India, money in Bangladesh etc. These currencies are available in banknotes such as online currency or currency in some countries as well as liquidity. There are thousands of currencies for online donation, including PayPal, Peyonir, Scril, Neteller, Perfectmani etc.

###Crypto Trading is the most popular trading now. The crypto trading is done with cryptography or digital currency.

###What is the crypto currency or the digital currency?



PayPal, Skil, Neteller, Perfectmani etc. are the online currency, as well as the most discussed currency for online transactions, cryptanarrency or digital currency. The value of the currencies and the use of the mean Many people will have no dealings, except for cryptanarrency or digital currency in the future, cryptoconference or digital currency will be the main merchandise of the transaction.

For example, the cryptan currencies are: Bitcoin, Itterium, Lightkken, Digicen, Rifle, Dascan, there are many cryptosystems or digital currency in such markets.

In 2009, Bitcoin started the first online journey, with a price of 0.10 dollars per coin. That means 100 bits of coins could be bought in 1 dollar. That's $ 1,300 in 2012, with the price of 1 bitscake at $ 1300.

Since then, it has increased the popularity of cryptocarrency or digital currency. The main reason for this is that they are very fast and very easy to deal with. Seeing the cost of bitcoin at $ 900 at the beginning of 2017. The price of the maximum 1 bitcane was $ 4500 plus. I hope the crypto currency or the digital currency could be given

###How do the cryptocurrency trade?


Already, there are thousands of cryptosystems or digital currency in the current market. Prices of up to 0.000001-4500 $. You can earn money by buying and selling those currencies. Suppose, Bitcoin's current price is $ 4500, and the price of the game is 0.0021 $. 50000 coins bought 0.01 bits of coins. After 2 days, Bitcoin is worth 4000 dollars and the price of the coin coins is the same. Then you will get 0.015 bitkayen So you'll get 0.005 Bitcoin profits. In the same way, you can earn money online by buying or selling other currencies.

And it's not hard for Lose. 50000 coins can be purchased and it will be 50000. One will not reduce or decrease. Just refrain from temporarily selling when the price drops from $ 0.0021 $. Do not sell or sell coins by selling them. It can be from 1 day to 6 months. However, before trading, you will have to thoroughly research, about coins and markets.

Experts believe that Bitcoin will exceed $ 20000 in the next 3 years. Your opinions and suggestions are good