Bittrex is moving their STEEM to binance? 📣

in #cryptocurrency5 years ago (edited)

Hey guys! 

So I noticed the Bittrex account is sending all new steem withdrawal transfers received from users to the new Binance account , which is deepcrypto8 

I really wonder why that is. Is it safer to store them there? They still have 29 million steem on their account which is roughly 120 mill $

Feel free to leave your opinion down below and resteem this , I would love to hear everyone's thoughts


Maybe Binance are buying from them?

COuld be I guess :)

Isn't it just people transferring Steem from Bittrex to Binance?

It's potentially a great opportunity for Steem, quick transfers, low withdrawal fees. We just need some more Steem pairs and then Steem could be a serious gateway.

Not sure how they operate. So you're saying that if I place a w/d order on Bittrex, they go to steemit and transfer the funds from their steemit account they have here? Could be..

I think so. If you transfer from your wallet to Bittrex, the transfer goes into the Bittrex wallet. The memo code allows them to credit you the right amount on the Bittrex site, but the funds should still be in the Bittrex wallet. When you withdraw it comes out of the Bittrex wallet and back to your own wallet.

Similar with Binance, except I think the Binance wallet name had been taken, so it's deepcrypto8 (with the name cpzhao, which I believe is the CEO).

Interestingly, if you had been watching the deepcrypto8 account on Steemit, you could have seen them testing Binance transfers a couple of days before the official listing. Always pays to keep your eyes open!

so binance is on air now.... though i am too young about all about this related trading sites from my friends post i came to know that it goes offline for several times...
so isnt it the signal to be permanent vanish?

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