WYS - Shopping for millennials. GET IN THE TOKEN SALES NOW!!

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Please take a look at their website, these guys are building a very cool product,  and I can see the company being sold for a few billions in a matter of months. 

They have a very solid team, everything looks super professional. 

 Introducing the next generation in mobile shopping 

The wysker app is a high-intensity visual shopping experience made for Generation Snapchat. Imagine browsing through thousands of online shops with just a single button. It is a curated and highly personalized experience with instant gratification through a novel reward model. The wysker app launches globally on January 31, 2018 on Android and iOS.  

Get in the SALE now for $0.075 / token (incl the 30% bonus) . Remember to use your wallet to send funds not an exchange!! 

Their website :  https://www.wystoken.org/index.html


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