Deglobalization and the cryptocurrencies market

There are many hypotheses about the economic and financial mechanism that will govern in the coming decades, from the point of view of the wars that the powerful states carry out, it is expected that there will not be a single winner, hence it is suggested that de-globalization will have a place.

However, taking into account that de-globalization is foreseen, it is necessary to analyze what impact the cryptocurrency market will have in the coming decades, and even more so since ETFs for Bitcoin have already been approved, which in some way marks the path to the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies.

In a recent article uploaded by Gustavo Godoy to the Cointelegraph portal, he asks the following question: What effect does de-globalization have on cryptocurrencies? In this sense, he states "those who suffer the most from de-globalization are those who need it the most. Those who drive technology the most are those who use it the most to de-globalize. Undoubtedly, the world is complex and changing".

According to Godoy, "Globalization has been a powerful force that has shaped the world in recent decades. It has facilitated the exchange of goods, capital and people between countries, creating an integrated global market."

On the other hand, "globalization has also had its shadows. It has generated inequalities, injustices and conflicts, both within and between countries. It has provoked financial, environmental and health crises, which have highlighted the vulnerabilities and contradictions of the global system."


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Although I am ignorant on the subject, I am concerned about the future of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin ETFs, I suspect, misrepresent the nature of the currency, putting it at risk of being manipulated, as happens with other securities in the stock markets.
Especially when the objective of the state-bank is to implement CBDCs and money with a maturity date.
It may be that nothing is what it seems. Careful!